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210 students debate international policy issues on a congress simulating the model of the United Nations.

The University inaugurates UNMUN tomorrow with a lecture by Javier Sanabria, director general of the United Nations and Human Rights.

05/02/15 18:14 Miguel M. Ariztegui

210 university students will participate from tomorrow, the 6th, until Saturday in the model of the United Nations of the University of Navarra (UNMUN). It is a congress created by and for university students, which imitates the model internal organization and debates of the UN.

The students, who come from various universities, will take on the role of diplomats representing a state or nation. They will be organized into five committees - General Assembly, Security Council, Ecosoc, UNESCO and WHO - to analyze various international political issues such as status in Ukraine, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, fracking and new energy sources, development and the promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives on the African continent, mechanisms to guarantee freedom of expression or the effect of climate change. After defending solutions to these problems, on the last day of the congress, they will have to take a resolution.

position The inaugural lecture , which will take place tomorrow, Friday, at 4 p.m., will be hosted by Javier Sanabria, director general of the United Nations and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sanabria, graduate in Law, was Deputy Director general of Justice Affairs in the European Union and International Organizations in the Ministry of Justice; and counselor in the Permanent Representation of Spain to the United Nations. 

These subject meetings, based on the methodology of work of the United Nations, are little known in Spain, but are held annually in most of the most prestigious international university centers.