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201 students from high school diploma from 20 Spanish cities take part in the VIII Clinical Case Competition

The Sevillians "Totipotentes", from high school Sagrado Corazón - Fundación Spínola, won the first prize. award

FotoCedida/Theten finalist teams with the panel of the Clinical Case Competition final phase.

05 | 04 | 2022

The 8th edition of the Clinical Case Competition closed on Saturday 2 April at the University of Navarra's campus in Madrid and brought together the ten finalist teams in the capital, who defended their work before a panel of judges made up of professionals from the University of Navarra. Clínica Universidad de Navarra and the School of Medicine.

The Totipotentes team, from high school Sagrado Corazón - Fundación Spínola, Seville, won first place award, while second place went to Las Lucis, from high school San Ignacio - Jesuitas, Pamplona. The podium was completed by The New Salle team, from La Salle Virgen del Mar, Almería.

The other teams that reached the final were: Criptogénicas (Escuelas Pías, Zaragoza), Rosalía (IES Rosalía de Castro, Coruña), Mesenterio (IES Mariano Quintanilla and Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Soria and Segovia), Anatómicas de Grey (San José - Carmelitas, Bilbao), Mateca (San Cernin, Pamplona), SLF (San Luis de los Franceses, Madrid) and Bacteriófagos Team (St. Anne's School, Madrid).

These ten groups stood out among the 60 teams that brought together 201 students in the 2nd year of secondary school from 20 Spanish cities. high school diploma students from 20 Spanish cities. This competition is a pioneering activity in Spain that offers a first-class university experience to students who are considering studying a degree at degree program from area Biosanitaria. Based on real clinical cases, and organised in teams of three or four students, the aim of goal is to establish an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for the patient. During the different phases of the competition, each team is supported by a tutor, in charge of guiding and resolving any doubts that arise during the activity.

Pre-registration for the 9th edition of the competition is now open.