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"The training theoretical-internship is fundamental to our professional success."

Fernando Robles, student of Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry, performs his internship in Cinfa Laboratories.

05 | 04 | 2023

"When I started the Degree in Pharmacy my aspiration was to be able to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Today I can say that I am fulfilling a dream by being part of the technical team of development galenic Cinfa Laboratorios, business Spanish leader in generic drugs". Fernando Robles, who studied pharmacy at the University of Granada and is currently doing his professional internship at Master's Degree in design Galenic and Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry at School of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Fernando assures that Master's Degree has allowed him to develop professionally under the guidance of professionals with extensive experience in the sector and a great background in the different areas of private business . "There are two aspects that I considered crucial when it came to choosing the University of Navarra to continue with my learning: the theoreticaltraining -internship and the complementary training . The theoretical professional training is a fundamental aspect that, although it starts during this stage of Master's Degree, I consider that it never ends, since our success at work implies a continued and updatedtraining , so it is an essential aspect in the post-university learning of every professional," he explains. "But what I really consider relevant is the training internship that, fortunately, we have had the opportunity to carry out in this Master's Degree even at three levels: at laboratory level developing individually each of us a project of an innovative formulation, at pilot scale level having the privilege of being part of the pilot plant team being present at all stages of the drug and at industrial level, which in my case is at department of research and development of CINFA".

However, he confesses that, if he has learned anything during his time in the industry, it is that a professional is not only valued for the intellectual and productive development , but also for his or her ability to adapt, for the attitude towards teamwork work and, at final, for the human quality of each person. "Today I can proudly say that I have become the professional I once dreamed I wanted to be".