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New York is always a good idea

Next Monday, July 10, begins a new edition of Fashion Business iQ, ISEM's intensive program, which takes place every summer in New York. Classes, visits and networking to learn and understand the keys to the American fashion market and the latest trends in this industry worldwide.

05 | 07 | 2023

Five days (Monday to Friday) in an intensive format: This is the Fashion Business iQ that ISEM organizes every year in New York. Sessions and conferences at IESE and FIT, given by leading professors and professionals in the fashion industry. Visits to stores and offices of successful brands. Learn about and soak up the latest trends that are revolutionizing the fashion business... A unique opportunity for any professional in this industry.

Marc Beckman, founder and CEO of the agency DMA United and professor at NYU Stern, will kick off the program. Beckman is an expert at the intersection of style and design. He has represented renowned brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford and La Prairie, Gucci, among many non-fashion brands such as the NBA, Pepsi, Sony and MoMA.His passion for technology and trends has led him to advise and develop Web3 strategies for over one hundred brands and create seven NFT marketplaces on behalf of his clients. He is the author of "The Comprehensive Guide: NFTs, Digital Artwork, Blockchain Technology," which has earned best-seller recognition and secured a spot on JP Morgan's reading list. He is a Metaverse Senior Fellow at New York University, Associate Professor and chair of Stern's committee Luxury and Fashion. He also shapes Web3's legal policy as Co-Chair of group of work Web3 of the high school New York State Bar Association.

Barbara Kahn, Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School, is also one of the most anticipated teachers in the program. Her book "The Shopping Revolution: How Retailers Succeed in an Era of Endless Disruption Accelerated by COVID-19" is one of the most recent industry bestsellers. Kahn will explain the model he has created for companies to design a competitive strategy that will enable them to survive and thrive in today's and tomorrow's retail environment.

Robert Sorce, president of the luxury cosmetics brand Byredo, will share his expertise in the world of operations and retail. Sorce has worked in this field for companies such as Macy's, Gap, Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Allsaint, Prada and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Entrepreneurship will also have a place in ISEM's Fashion Business IQ. David Bell was an established Wharton professor who had given class to many of the top American fashion entrepreneurs when he decided to take the leap and found Idea Farm Ventures. Now, he is known for his clinical eye when it comes to investing in digital companies in the so-called "new economy", such as online optician Warby Parker. Bell is considered a guru of e-commerce and marketing and will share with students his model Boss to win at Economics digital.

Another issue core topic in the industry today is sustainability. Caroline Brown is the former president of Carolina Herrera, CEO of Donna Karan and managing director of Closed Loop Partners, a company that invests in Economics circular. Brown will talk about leadership and sustainability, and the challenge of making successful and profitable sustainable brands.

Deborah Soss, who worked at Bergdorf Goodman for 20 years, will talk with Leonor Silva, director of International Office at ISEM, about how American department stores work and the role of the merchandiser. And, Shelley Kohan, Top 100 Global Retail Influencer and associate professor at FIT, will weave the framework of the latest data in retailing today.

The program will also feature other interesting speakers, such as Benjamin Havrilak (Art Director at Tommy Hilfiger), Jessica Bonari (AVP Learning & Development at Richemont Group) who will address the difficult question of how to keep employees happy, Marta Lastra (COO at Altuzarra), Joshua Williams (Professor at Parsons), Justin Stankiewicz (VP of Sales at Lyssé), Benoit Tordeur (VP of Visual Experience at Calvin Klein), Barry Horwitz (professor at Boston University), Ludwig Heissmeyer (SVP of Design & Product Development at Mackage), Maeve Wang (co-founder and CEO of AI custom shoe startup IAMBIC) or Ehren Jaleel-Wenrich (Art Director at La Mer).

In addition to the classes and enjoying walks around Manhattan, participants will have the opportunity to visit the Carolina Herrera offices, the Diane VF store and headquarters, the Mackage showroom or the Altuzarra headquarters in the iconic Woolworth building (Financial district).

As the saying goes, New York is always a good idea!