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Public Affairs gain relevance in the Study program of the Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication (MCPC).

The Master's Degree of the School of Communication reformulates its Study program

06 | 02 | 2023

Public Affairs is gaining relevance in the Study program of the Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication (MCPC) for the next academic year 23/24. The Master's Degree, with 19 years of experience in strategic communication, reformulates its program for its twentieth anniversary and includes, more explicitly, the management of public affairs as one of its backbones. 

The contents related to public affairs will integrate training on legislative processes in public administrations, management of institutional relations and mobilization campaigns. It also includes the learning that has already been developed during the week-long stay in Brussels in November, with sessions of work and talks-colloquium with a varied issue of lobbyists and officials of the European Union. 

This reinforcement of the visibility of Public Affairs in the official program of the MCPC also responds to the reality of a growing issue of alumni working in this booming sector. entrance The joint training in political, corporate communication and public affairs thus offers an integrative vision of these three interconnected professional fields, allowing students to enter the labor market with broader knowledge and skills. 

In the reformulation of the professor offer of Master's Degree, contents related to sustainability, visual thinking and digital analytics as a method of research have also been added.

The structure of Master's Degree remains as usual, with six months of regular classes at campus in Madrid, an intensive week in Brussels, one month of classes at George Washington University (Washington DC) and three months of curricular internships in companies, consulting firms and various organizations.