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A doctor from Navarra obtains scholarship from the National Center of research Cardiovascular (CNIC).

The graduate Pablo Bazal did two months of research at the center directed by Dr. Valentín Fuster.

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Valentín Fuster and Pablo Bazal.
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06/06/14 12:21 Laura Latorre

The physician Pablo Bazal Chacón obtained one of the 15 grants offered by the Ministry of Economics and Competitiveness to work at the National Center of research Cardiovascular (CNIC), one of the centers of research of reference letter at national level.

Bazal, graduate by the University of Navarra in 2012, was supporting the research on the development and treatment of cardiovascular diseases of the center directed by cardiologist Valentín Fuster -director in turn of the cardiology service of Mont Sinai Hospital in New York-, during the two months that the scholarship lasted.

The stay at the CNIC is part of the RES@CNIC program, which aims to bring the reality of basic cardiovascular research closer to medical professionals in their first years at residency program, through training and internship provided by experts from the center. Two years ago, Bazal, a second-year cardiology resident, achieved one of the first places in the spanish medical residency program exam.