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María Pilar García Bañegil, ISSA professor until 1995, passes away

06 | 06 | 2022

María Pilar García Bañegil has died in San Sebastián at the age of 97. She was born in San Sebastian on 6 February 1925 and joined the University in 1969 as management assistant. One year later, she began to teach typing at the diploma program of administrative assistant de Dirección, a subject which she taught until her retirement in 1995.

A year earlier, on 28 January 1994, he was awarded the Silver Medal of the University by the then President, Alejandro Llano.

Gloria Guerrero, manager public relations at ISSA from 1969 to 2016, remembers her as a "hard-working and persevering person. She was always cheerful and was very dedicated to taking care of her students. Her availability was impressive: every day, before going home, she would take the liturgical vestments from chapel and take them to be ironed and starched, and bring them back the next day".

Arantza Larraz, deputy director and teacher at ISSA between 1978 and 2008, remembers her as follows: "I was always struck by María Pilar's generosity. She was a hard-working woman with enviable physical and mental strength. She stood out for her attitude in the face of problems, because she was always optimistic and moved forward, playing things down".