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Tantaka launches its new platform for volunteer activities

The goal is to improve the volunteer experience and facilitate project follow-up.

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06/10/16 12:18 Lucia M. Alcalde

When a volunteer wants to give his time in Tantaka , he finds more than seventy projects where he can collaborate. How to choose one?

This was one of the questions the Tantaka team asked themselves when they wondered how to improve the volunteer experience. On the new volunteer activities platform launched by Tantaka, the Username can see the volunteer activities opportunities that best match their interests and their general availability by filling out the form at registration. It also allows download the volunteer activities calendar and synchronize it with the staff Google calendar; comment on the project performed and record the hours

"With this platform the volunteer gains in agility, which will greatly facilitate their decision for one project or another depending on their time and skills," explains Sofía Collantes, coordinator of Tantaka, and points out that, in addition, the new tool will be an important support for the day-to-day work : "It will save us a lot of time in the management so we can devote ourselves thoroughly in getting the volunteer to choose the right thing and to provide a greater service from Tantaka".

The volunteer coordinator, Malu Serrano, stresses the importance of follow-up at attention with those who give their time: "We want the volunteer to be happy with the work he or she is doing. That is why we rely on the possibilities of new technologies, to be able to be closer to people".

The advantages of the platform can be extended to the entities with which the Banco de Tiempo Solidario collaborates: "The associations will be able to verify that the monitoring that this tool allows will facilitate an improvement in the assessment performance of the financial aid that the volunteers give to the users of their organizations," adds Sofía Collantes.

Tantaka has been working on this project since June at partnership with IT Services, who, after a research of several months, saw that the platform generated by Better Impact fit Tantaka's needs.

The Digital Communication Service and the Quality and Innovation Service have also collaborated in the implementation of the new tool .

Four presentations of the new platform will take place in the coming weeks, on October 11, 13, 17 and 20. Interested parties can confirm their registration at attendance at form.