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"The resources I gained from studying management for projects, accounting, languages, communication or law are the basis for my current job work"

Graduated in June 2021, Arancha Pascualena is Junior Project Manager at the North American company Service Now, where she currently has about twenty projects at position .


06 | 10 | 2022

Arancha Pascualena is Junior Project Manager at Service Now, an American cloud computing company that allows standardizing processes of any department. 

He assures that the resources he obtained while studying the subject of management of 4th grade projects are the ones he applies the most in his day to day, as well as languages, accounting, corporate communication, all subject of knowledge of information technology and law.

He currently has about twenty projects at his position , which involves leading the team assigned to each of them, managing the schedule, scope, risk, understanding the objectives and aligning the results accordingly, as well as identifying the differences between the actual results and the recorded plan, proposing solutions when necessary.

For Arancha, her current position carries a lot of responsibility, but she is very "grateful": "What excites me most is the trust placed in me by the people with whom I work at work. Every day there are real projects that depend directly on me completing my objectives well".

He finished the degree program in June 2021 and a few months before, while he was writing the work End of Degree, he was offered his first employment Project Manager Office in Zurich Santander. His professional career, both as a student and in the workplace, is sufficiently complete to affirm that the students of Degree in Applied Management "know a lot more than they imagine". In this sense, he recommends that they try new things and get out of their comfort zone: "Working hard is important, but the most important thing is to know where and how to approach this work".