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A article of the University, published by one of the neuroscience journals with the highest scientific impact in the world.

The work, focused on the problem of consciousness in habitual decision making, has been developed by ICS and ICS researchers. CIMA

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The team of project 'Mind-brain' of the ICS and Dr. Asun Pastor (with gown), from CIMA. PHOTO: Carlota Cortés
07/02/14 13:35 Isabel Solana

A article study by researchers from the University of Navarra has been published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (Cambridge University Press), one of the neuroscience journals with the highest scientific impact in the world. The authors belong to the project Mind-Brain at Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), directed by Dr. José Ignacio Murillo, and to the area of Neurosciences of the research center Applied Medicine (CIMA).

The work addresses the problem of consciousness in habitual decision making. It is a commentary on a article by two British scholars, Ben R. Newell and David R. Shanks.

The experts from the University of Navarra propose a philosophical and neuroscientific approach to the mechanisms of the mind involved in decision making. "A more flexible understanding of the role of consciousness in this process allows us to have a more precise vision of it," they point out.

New categorization of decisions

Thus, they propose a new categorization: conscious decisions, which have to do especially with situations we face for the first time; retrospective attributions to unconscious behavior, which are those actions that are carried out at low (or non-existent) levels of consciousness and whose meaning is attributed a posteriori, according to their effect; and non-conscious but controlled decisions, present in techniques such as driving, painting, or playing an instrument.

According to them, this framework gives space to the study of the acquisition of habits, which constitute "a fundamental element in decision making that involves a continuous transfer of actions between the conscious and unconscious domains of the mind".

This comment is part of the line of work of project 'Mind-brain' of the ICS on habits, which has also resulted in the direction of a collection of articles in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, a publication of high scientific impact associated with Nature Publishing Group.

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