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The University celebrates Sports Day

More than 30 activities with 20 modalities and 9 exhibitions, open to all audiences.

07/05/04 17:42

"The Sports Day, a traditional activity of this campus, is a vehicle for the transmission of values and a bond that unites different cultures. For that reason, and especially because this is the European year of Education through sport, the University of Navarra has organized more than 30 activities with 20 different modalities and 9 exhibitions aimed at all those who want to participate in this day." This was stated by the Vice President of University Extension, José López Guzmán, in the press conference that was held to present the XI edition of the Sports Day.

During the event, the Vice President listed some of the novelties that have been added to this workshop, in addition to reiterating that they are aimed at all audiences. Among them, he highlighted the performance of Circo Fele of Valencia with escapism numbers, an exhibition of parachutists of the Air Force, a demonstration of capoeira, and another exhibition of vintage cars and falconry. In addition to these new activities, there were traditional sports in which more than a thousand participants registered: soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, squash, rugby, paddle tennis, etc.

Likewise, José López Guzmán pointed out that through a raffle to be held at 1:00 p.m., 50 people will be able to enjoy a helicopter ride over Pamplona.

A new sport: Tae-bo

Luis Pardo, president of the Navarra Handball Federation, pointed out that, "to promote training and knowledge dissemination of this sport, a children's championship has been organized that will take place at 11 o'clock at sports center so that all the boys and girls of Pamplona can come to participate and get to know handball".

For her part, judoka Miren León presented a new sport: Tae-bo, "a mix between kick boxing and boxing, adapted to all people and that, in addition, does not have a physical contact as it can be in other fighting activities". The Navarre judoka invited all participants to enjoy an exhibition at 12 o'clock in the esplanade of Libraries that she herself will perform accompanied by her brother, the only monitors with degree scroll of Tae-bo in Spain. In addition to these two professionals, many of the activities are organized by figures of the Navarrese sport along with 97 volunteers from the University itself who will work throughout the workshop.