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The show 'CreAcción', by Metamorphosis Dance and co-produced by MUN, winner of two Max Awards.

The company's proposal , directed by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich, won the awards for Best Choreography and Best Lighting design , a work to position by Nicolás Fischtel.

Foto©DaniloMoroni&JuanCarlosToledo/Foto_CreAccion- Metamorphosis Dance ©DaniloMoroni&JuanCarlosToledo

07 | 06 | 2022

The show CreAcción, by Metamorphosis Dance, a company directed by Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bavovich, and co-produced by the Museo Universidad de Navarra, has won the Max Awards for Best Choreography and Best Lighting design , a work by Nicolás Fischtel. The dancer and choreographer Jesús Carmona won the awards for Best Male Dance Performer and Best Dance Show for Baile de bestias, whose premiere was held at the MUN on 11 November, as the closing event of Museo en Danza.

The gala, held on the evening of 6 June at the Teatro Principal de Mahón in Menorca, was attended by Teresa Lasheras, the Museum's Director of Performing Arts and Music, who collected the award for Best Choreography on behalf of Ansa and Bacovich, who are currently in Regensburg, working on a new show with the German city's Opera Ballet.

CreAcción' is the result of a collaborative project carried out in a residency program at the Museum, in which group of people outside dance worked with the choreographers and dancers for its gestation.

On behalf of the award winners, Lasheras sent a "big hug to the fellow candidates, Daniel Doña and all his team, and to Olga Pericet" and thanked the jury for the award, which they want to share with all the people and institutions that have made it possible: the cast of dancers; the lighting designer Nicolás Fischtel; the musician Juan Belda; Danilo Moroni and Juan Carlos Toledo, responsible for photography and video; and the General Manager Claudia Morgana and her production team. He also thanked the institutions that supported the project: the Government of Navarre, the Community of Madrid, the City Council of Alcorcón and the Basque Government.

Likewise, he also valued that CreAcción is the result of a collaborative project carried out a residency program in the Museum: "The show is unique because there was a group of people who do not belong to our professions but who shared the whole creation process with Iratxe and Igor, who were very generous and brave in accepting that a group of non-professionals got headlong into the creation and went all the way to the premiere. These people wanted to approach dance because they were interested in it and they have ended up loving it deeply. Let's hope that there are many more of us every day".

Jesús Carmona won the awards for Best Male Dance Performer and Best Dance Show for 'Baile de bestias', which premiered at the MUN in November.

The premiere of the show took place at the MUN theatre on 6 November. Previously, for 7 weeks, group of artistic collaborators participated with the company in a process through which they explored their concerns and how to transfer them to the body, to dance, in a show with high quality requirements. The initial challenges were the relationship between the creative process and the audience, the correlation between the idea and its dance representation, and the proximity of contemporary art to the concerns of the public.

Original Idea / Choreography: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Dramaturgy: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

Dancers: Igor Bacovich, Katherine Currier, Clementine Dumas, Antonella Alabanese, David Serrano

design of wardrobe: Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich

design lighting: Nicolas Fischtel

Original music: Juan Belda

design set design: Igor Bacovich, Iratxe Ansa

Audiovisuals: Igor Bacovich, Danilo Moroni, Juan Carlos Toledo

Artistic collaborators: Samantha Coltro, Sara Chocarro, Camila Estrada, Nora Franco, Carla Gallego, Ana Oroz, Carolina Orozco, Natalia Riva, Carmen Ruiz, Jorge Vazquez, Juan Luis Velasquez

Executive Production: La Cia de la luz

Distribution: Rhythms of the world

A production of Metamorphosis Dance and Museo de la Universidad de Navarra with financial aid of INAEM, the Basque Government and Pamplona City Council and with the partnership of Alcorcón City Council, where the company is resident.