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University joins forces with beWanted to help students enter the job market

Career Services University of Navarra and the employment platform beWanted have reached an innovative agreement to improve the employability of students through the MatchMaking recruiting system.

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On November 7, 2018, Career Services presented to students and alumni at an event the agreement with beWanted. PHOTO: Manuel Castells.
08/04/19 11:50 Beatriz Diaz

Career Services continues to promote projects to improve the employment and employability of the University of Navarra and offering more tools and opportunities to its students and alumni to enhance their professional careers. With an eye on the Horizon 2020 Plan project of development institutional , Career Services is committed to beWanted in order to establish a closer link between student and business to enrich the selection process.

In this way, beWanted puts at the disposal of any Spanish business students and alumni University thanks to its MatchMaking system. Recruiters will access beWanted's database where, through a series of filters, they will be able to find in a much more agile way the candidates that meet the requirements requirements of the position. With this MatchMaking system, companies will not have to wait for students and graduates of the University to sign up for offers, since they will only receive invitations when they have generated interest in the recruiter.

On November 7, 2018, Career Services organized a. event to present agreement at the University, which was attended by hundreds of students and alumni. In the magazine Teams&Talent., publication of reference letter de Recursos Humanos, a joint interview with Roberto Cabezas, executive director of Career Services Universidad de Navarra, and Ignacio Lucea, CMO of beWanted, was collected, explaining the details of agreement.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

On the left, Roberto Cabezas, executive director of Career Services University of Navarra; and on the right, Ignacio Lucea, founder of beWanted.

What is beWanted's relationship with the university world?

Ignacio Lucea (I. L.): We have a very good and close relationship. At the end of the day, we can say that our objectives are the same, to achieve a quality employment for those younger candidates who want to enter the working world, while at the same time preparing them better for the future.

What image do students who have studied at the University have in the marketplace?

Roberto Cabezas (R. C.): The market of work is undoubtedly more and more demanding and changing. The dynamics of recruiting demand excellent professionals, with a highly developed training in competencies, with an entrepreneurial spirit, with international profile . In large part, the prestige of the University of Navarra comes from the way of being and working of all those who leave our classrooms to illuminate the world, to respond to the great issues and great challenges of this new time and try to build a fairer world, a more humane world, a better world.

What demands grade beWanted students have in relation to their employability?

I. L.: We see an increasing need for flexibility and adaptability. In addition to demanding a high Degree of knowledge in the relevant subject matter, companies are increasingly looking for so-called softskills, such as adaptability, sociability and emotional intelligence. And among these, a proactive attitude and flexibility are the most important.

New technologies have transformed recruitment processes, how do you assess these changes and how are you adapting to them?

R. C.: Social, educational, relational and labor paradigms have been put in check. And to understand these confusing ups and downs we must look at the world in a radically different way. We must cross the threshold of our comfort zones to understand these new hyper-connected and technologically native generations. We will only understand them, assimilate change and be protagonists if we look beyond what they seem, knowing that within each of these people there is something interesting to discover. Only with an appreciative look will we manage to move deep springs in their hearts, and we will see value in this new way of interacting with the world.

beWanted has just signed an agreement agreement with the University of Navarra. What does it consist of? How will it be developed?

I. L.: Using our platform as a base, beWanted has become the technology provider of the Career Services of UNAV, with the goal to modernize and offer a pioneering solution to its students, for the search of internships and first employment. It is a paradigm shift since for the first time it will be the companies that will be looking for students, making the process more focused on candidate while recruiters will save time and money.

What is the goal you are looking for with this partnership?

I. L.: We aspire to be pioneers in an industry that is undergoing major changes. We intend to create an agile and fast process for the students of the University of Navarra to find the best possible internships. And we seek to collect data from all these processes in order to improve their experience, as well as that of the companies that hire them.

How did you rate the system used by beWanted?

R. C.: In a changing world, we have decided to give a twist to the way we recruit talent. That is why we have established an alliance with beWanted, the largest employment platform for young people in Europe and Latin America. A pioneering alliance in Spain to enhance the employability of all our students and the university's alumni . We have given a twist to the way of finding internships and jobs to multiply the options of finding quality work through the MatchMaking method, which will allow our talent to be even more visible and findable for thousands of companies. In a changing world, we have the obligation to always be reinventing ourselves to try to get the best version of our students and to be at the origin of the changes.

What are your expectations for this agreement?

I. L.: This agreement is the beginning of a great partnership. We hope that this project will help both the members of Career Services of the University of Navarra to make their work easier and more efficient, and the students to find internships and their first employment more easily and satisfactorily.