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Juan Bru, director Huawei HR: "Companies need to approach university students in a more active, attractive and innovative way".

The executive participated in the presentation of the alliance between the University of Navarra and beWanted, a platform that connects the interests of candidates and companies in a few minutes.

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From left to right, Roberto Cabezas, Ignacio Lucea and Juan Bru, during the platform's presentation . PHOTO: Manuel Castells
08/11/18 16:34 Miguel Ángel Echávarri

"The companies need a more active approach to the university world than was previously the case. This would allow us to detect, even in the first courses, candidates who in the future can develop a professional degree program with us". This was stated by Juan Bru, Huawei HR director , during the presentation of the alliance between the University of Navarra and beWanted, the largest platform of employment for young people in Europe and Latin America, in order to enhance employability among students.

The manager recruiter of the technology company, an active promoter of the matchmaking method, also stressed the paradigm shift that has taken place in terms of hiring young talent: "The current reality is that there is more demand for recent graduates than there is supply of positions at work and the way of employing young people has changed, motivated by the digitization of mass processes".

The agreement signed by the University of Navarra and beWanted, with which the academic center aims to change the dynamics of traditional selection and increase the options for students to find quality work , is framed in this line. Ignacio Lucea, founder of beWanted, also participated in the presentation .

A formula for more efficient and faster processes

The platform uses an algorithm that connects in a few minutes the interests of candidates with the ideal requirements demanded by companies, so that companies can identify and directly contact the candidates that best fit the profile they are looking for without the need to publish offers on work.

"This is a novel and internationally trendy recruitment formula, known as matchmaking. It allows candidate to be visible and reachable for thousands of companies, while making the processes more efficient and faster," says Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services, the University of Navarra's employability service.

Cabezas believes that agreement will also favor recruiting options among alumni:"It will allow us to make available to students and graduates a large number of new possibilities with companies that we do not currently reach. In addition, we will be able to design indicators that will allow us to better take the temperature of the placement of our graduates and establish comparisons with other universities."