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Sue Black: "Tech companies have realized they need to hire more women scientists."

The British computer scientist has offered a lecture at the University on the occasion of the SciencEkaitza Scientific Gala.

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Sue Black. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
08/06/18 15:18 Marta Casares

"Technology companies have realized that they need to hire more women scientists", said the British computer scientist Sue Black at the University of Navarra. The expert has given a master class on the occasion of the Scientific Gala of Navarra SciencEkaitza, organized by ADItech in partnership with the Government of Navarra.

The speaker has highlighted that at the beginning of her professional degree program , when she started attending scientific conferences, the presence of men was much greater than that of women. "Today the statistics are still the same", but, in her opinion, there has been "a change in society so that women are present in the world of technology".

Sue Black is a scientist, writer, lecturer and advisor to the British government. She left school at 16 and, at 25, began studying computer science at London South Bank University. A lecturer at London's Global University, she was the founder of BCSWomen, a movement for teaching technology to women.

Black stressed the importance of having confidence in oneself in order to progress both staff and professionally. To this end, he advised the attendees to set themselves "challenges that are difficult or scary, but with effort and perseverance they can achieve them".

He also encouraged those present to "pursue your passions, trust your instincts, surround yourself with supportive people, work hard, ask for financial aid andnever give up".