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89 new students from 17 countries start the Degree in management Applied at the University

The director, Victoria Rodriguez, together with several ISSA School of Applied Management professors and students welcomed them.

08 | 09 | 2023

"You, the students, are the real protagonists of your learning process. We are here to guide and accompany you. Welcome to all of you to this unforgettable experience!". With these words, Victoria Rodríguez Chacón, director of ISSA School of Applied Management welcomed the 89 students who are part of the 2023-2027 graduating class of the University of Navarra's Degree in management Applied Management. Of these, 53% are of national origin and 47% come from 16 different countries.

In his message he explained to the new students the great responsibility they have. He reminded them that it is a privilege to be able to study at one of the best universities in the world, especially knowing that the majority of society does not have programs of study university. He also emphasized the 60 years of ISSA's history, of which they "are already part" and whose celebration will take place during the course.

During the workshop the students had the opportunity to meet the members of the board board of directors, the first year coordinators , their mentors, some upperclassmen who shared their experience and several teachers from the faculty. They also participated in several sessions to learn about how the school works and the project-based methodology.

Gaizka, Luca, Laia and Juan Andrés are some of the students who have joined the Degree in management Applied of the University of Navarra. They tell us in first person the reasons that led them to choose it:

"I would like to set up my own business"

Gaizka Arotzarena (Pamplona)

Gaizka starts degree program with the illusion of entrepreneurship in the future. He has clear ideas, speaks four languages (Spanish, Basque, English and French) and, in addition to the knowledge of degree program, he would like to learn negotiation techniques and develop new communication skills.

A fan of the motor world since he was a child, this year he also wants to sign up for the University's Football team conference room . "I think the university stage is very nice and I would like, despite the obstacles that may arise, as in everything, to learn a lot from it."

"Above all I am attracted to management, but also to languages."

Luca Farkas (Hungary)

Luca starts his college career with a little bit of experience behind him. Despite his young age, he has had the opportunity to work for his mother's event management company business on several occasions. Both in Hungary and in other European countries. That is why she chose the Degree in management Applied as a university training , to dedicate herself in the future to the family business .

He is very fond of management, but also of languages. He speaks Hungarian, English and Spanish and this year he wants to focus especially on French, because he only knew some basic notions and claims to have forgotten it.

"I am eager to learn and grow as a person."

Laia Bononad (Barcelona)

"I am eager to learn, to grow as a person and to know how to manage on my own. I hope to meet many new people and train for my professional future". So says Laia on her first day at the University. A native of Barcelona, what attracted her most to Degree are the subjects of management Business and Communication.

She does not yet know what she wants to do in the future, but it is clear to her that she would like to work in the world of business and "do something big, like setting up my own business or maybe work at department Commercial, Communication or Human Resources".

"Languages connect you with people."

Juan Andrés Lucena (Pamplona)

When she heard about Degree at management Applied, during a visit from the University to her high school, it was clear to her that it was her thing. Especially because of its international profile , because tomorrow he would like to start his own online business.

He defines himself as "passionate about languages" and assures that they are "core topic to connect with people". He loves Philosophy, art and cinema, and spends much of his free time skate boarding.