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The Science Museum of the University of Navarra selects 41 finalist productions for the 5th edition of the science film festival

The V edition of #LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival will be held in Pamplona from February 20 to 24, 2024. This year, a total of 1,442 productions from 108 countries have participated in the competition .

08 | 11 | 2023

The Science Museum University of Navarra will hold in February 2024, for the fifth consecutive year, a new edition of the #LabmeCrazy! Science Film Festival, the competition international science film festival.

The scientific institution has already selected the finalists finalists for this new edition. A total of 41 works have been selected from a variety of countries: United States, Spain, Iran, Israel, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Argentina, Taiwan, Mexico and Hungary. Among the Spanish works in the final phase are productions from Catalonia, the Basque Country, Navarra and Madrid.

Some of the Science topics that the participants have addressed in their films are artificial intelligence, the human body, nature conservation, climate change, technology, oceans, insects, energy sources, invasive species, dementia, archeology, editing Genetics, history of science, brain function, microplastics or astronomy, among others.

The finalists compete for the highest recognition in the following festival categories: documentary and reportage; television program; student production; work produced by a university or research center; and video for web or social media. 

The winners will be announced on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 at the Festival's awards ceremony submission , to be held at the University of Navarra Museum Theater.

The jury for the documentary category will be formed by Dan Huertas, producer of Silverback Films (UK); Elena Lázaro, president of the association Española de Comunicación Científica and Coordinator of the UCC+i of the University of Córdoba; Álvaro Bonet, professor of the School of Communication of the University of Navarra; Emilia Gil Villegas, Off the Fence Sales Executive (The Netherlands); and Giancarlo Velmarch, student of Environmental Sciences at the University of Navarra.

#LabMeCrazy! Science Film Festival is an international science film festival competition , promoted by the Science Museum of the University of Navarra -with the partnership of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) / Ministry of Science and Innovation; Laboral Kutxa, Government of Navarra and Pamplona City Council-, which has as goal bring science to all audiences.

Finalists in each of the categories

Documentary and reportage:

  • Asteroid Rush: Exploration. France, 52 min, 2022. Saint Thomas Productions.

  • Deep in the Heart. United States, 100 min, 2022. Fin and Fur Films.

  • Everything Will Change. Germany, 92 min, 2021. Flare Film and Windmill Film.

  • Maa-yiem, the Extraordinary Story of Jordi Sabater Pi. Spain, 59 min, 2022. Turkana Films.

  • Made to Measure. Germany, 52 min, 2021. Laokoon and WDR.

  • Nuclear Now. United States, 105 min, 2022. Abramorama and Everest Communications Limited.

  • Ocean Odyssey. Australia, 40 min, 2021. Wild Pacific average and Gin Clear Film.

Television programme:

  • Changing Seas: "Humpback Health". United States, 27 min, 2022. South Florida PBS.

  • Go Go Giwas: Sowing Dream Seeds. Taiwan, 14 min, 2020. Engine Studios.

  • The last days of the glaciers. Spain, 28 min, 2023. Elhuyar.

  • Órbita Laika - Light. Spain, 55 min, 2022. RTVE.

  • Reduce your footprint - Doñana, the bird sanctuary. Spain, 56 min, 2022. RTVE.

  • The Truth in the Blood. Argentina, 20 min, 2022. TEC TV and CONICET Documentary.

  • Wild Hope: The Beautiful Undammed. United States, 28 min, 2023. HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Part2 Pictures and Wild Elements.

Production by students:

  • Distrito Arroz - Coco y Bacilo - Chewing gums, allies or enemies of the bacteria in your mouth? Spain, 6 min, 2023. Luis Amigó Curiosity.

  • Echoes From The Blue Meadow. Mexico, 12 min, 2023. Héctor Hernández.

  • Exoskeletons. Hungary, 18 min, 2022. Doc Nomads Joint Masters.

  • Fascinating World of Wood Ants. United Kingdom, 11 min, 2022. Siddique Salim Khan.

  • Maronii. France, 5 min, 2022. Dimitri llonneau, Maxime Guitet, Lucas Plata, Mai Ngoc Nguyen, Guilian Matuszczak, Flore Argentier, Hugo Courtel.

  • Saving Santa Cruz. United Kingdom, 22 min, 2023. National Film and Television School.

  • Statement. Egypt, 1 min, 2022. Nia Mahran, Maged Michel Seha.

  • The Guardians. United States, 6 min, 2023. Jharia Morris.

  • The Unpredictable Factor. Germany, 51 min, 2022. Be Wild Film.

  • U' Scogghiu Chiama (The Rock Calls). United Kingdom, 23 min, 2023. Kitty Fixsen.

work produced by universities and centers of research:

  • Anamnesis. Brazil, 14 min, 2021. Tiago Lipka.

  • ANS - The First Dutch Adventure in Space. Netherlands, 50 min, 2022. Stichting Beeldlijn, Nationaal Ruimtevaartmuseum.

  • Bone stories. Italy, 7 min, 2023. Gabriele Clementi.

  • Fields of Devotion. United States, 29 min, 2022. Rutgers University, One Earth Films.

  • Islands of Discovery: The Dry Tortugas. United States, 23 min, 2023. Hyatt L Mamoun.

  • On the Edge of Existence: Rediscovering a Lost Coral. United Kingdom, 15 min, 2022. Oxford Sparks.

  • The Future of the Ocean. Spain, 52 min, 2022. Mario Cuesta Hernando - Spanish Institute of Oceanography - CSIC.

  • The Symphony of the Brain. United Kingdom, 14 min, 2022. Oxford Sparks.

Video on the web or social networks:

  • 33421. Brazil, 3 min, 2021. Bruno Martins.

  • Antarctica: At the Intersection of Technology and Climate Action. United States, 10 min, 2022. Mike Libecki, Keith Ladzinski.

  • Gravity. Pakistan, 4 min, 2023. Shahmir Mughal.

  • Home. Islamic Republic of Iran, 1 min, 2021. Hamed Azizi.

  • Savory - What is Holistic Management? Israel, 3 min, 2023. Lynn Polyak.

  • Star Gazers: "The Gold Mirrors of James Webb Space Telescope". United States, 2 min, 2023. South Florida PBS.

  • Tech Attack - Online Dating. Germany, 2 min, 2023. Monströös Animation Studio.

  • The Mystery of the Disappearing Lymphocytes. United Kingdom, 3 min, 2023. Dan Fox.

  • TIK TOK DIVULGACIONCIENCIA_UNAM: Golden Eagle the True Inspiration for our Shield? Mexico, 1 min, 2023. UNAM.