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Eugenia Pagazaurtundua, graduate in Nursing from the University, among the top 100 of the EIR

The woman from Alava will be able to choose place between midwifery and community care.

/Eugenia Pagazaurtundua

09 | 02 | 2024

A graduate of the School of Nursing of the University of Navarra has obtained a place among the top 100 places in the examination for the Internal Nurse Resident (EIR), convened by the Ministry of Health. Eugenia Pagazaurtundua, a native of Vitoria, has obtained the position issue 71.

"This was the second year I took the exam - explains Pagazaurtundua - I was hoping to get a good position, even though the exam was very complicated". Preparing for the exam was made difficult by combining study with work: "It has been a hard few months, since I was combining exam preparation with my work at the Araba - Txagorritxu University Hospital in outpatient clinics. However, I had the idea that, if I didn't get it, I had other doors open to me, such as accessing a training at postgraduate program".

Of her time at School, since she graduated in 2022, she highlights that they were the best years of her life: "I remember a talk at the conference of career guidance with a nurse who told us about her experience in the EIR, and encouraged me to start preparing for it". The four years of Degree served her to "meet great people and professors, not only to train me as a nurse. They offered me a number of opportunities and skills that I am sure I will put into internship in my day-to-day life."

Now it is her turn to choose place, although she is not sure, she will be able to choose between her two preferred specialties: "I have the opportunity to choose between midwifery and community care. Now I have to decide whether to stay in the Basque Country or go to Madrid".

In addition, another graduate of the School, Patricia Franco, has achieved 121st place.