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The School's students put their creativity to test with Sto Ibérica

The 5th year Architecture students Marta Ayala Valdés and Nuria Mullerat Domingo have won the contest organized by the School and Sto with their work 'Colisión' (Collision). result

PhotoManuelCastells/From left to right: Álex Sánchez, Sto application technician; Iñaki Grueso, Sto Projects manager ; Nuria Mullerat, award-winning Architecture student; Javier Sánchez, Sto application technician; Marta Ayala, award-winning Architecture student; and Federico Sánchez, Sto technical support manager .

09 | 02 | 2024

The School of Architecture of the University and Sto Ibérica, a subsidiary of the German company Sto, once again join forces to promote the specialized training of the students of the academic center. With the goal to work and encourage their creative capacity, the company, specialized in the manufacture of building systems and elements, and the School have held during its patron saint's day an on-site competition on facade finishes with plaster.

Students from Degree in Architecture, Degree in design and Master's Degree in Architectural Theory and design participated in the activity. First, Sto technicians demonstrated the techniques used to create their StoSignature surfaces. Afterwards, the students themselves were in charge of creating their own façade surfaces for an hour. Once finished, they were exhibited to the public at the building's entrance hall and voted on by a jury made up of professors from the school and staff from the company.

The most voted work and, therefore,the winner, has been 'Collision', elaborated by the students of 5th year of Architecture Nuria Mullerat Domingo and Marta Ayala Valdés. "We are two friends with very different personalities, one Andalusian and the other Catalan. The work reflects the discussion we have had in the creation process. Each one of us has contributed ideas, sometimes totally opposite, that finally have given a result that could be considered harmonious", explained the winners.

The award is a trip to Germany together with other architecture and construction professionals. There, the students will have the opportunity to get to know Sto's facilities, as well as the most emblematic projects in which StoSignature has been applied.

Students Nuria Mullerat Domingo and Marta Ayala Valdés, 5th year Architecture students, next to the awarded work, 'Colisión'.

José Antonio Sacristán Fernández, professor at the School, assures that "both Sto's explanations and the contest have helped the students to approach the world of finishes with acrylic mortars and the techniques for laying them on site. We will continue to collaborate with Sto Ibérica, which is always committed to adding value to our students' training ".

José Almagro, director general of Sto Ibérica, stressed that "with this subject of initiatives, what we want is to take a step further into the future. Progress only happens through knowledge and the only way to promote it, making known the latest developments in the sector, is with the constant training where it all begins: in the academic stage. The University of Navarra is being, in this sense, the best partner to do so, thanks to its prestige and powerful educational offer".

This is not the first time that both entities have become strategic partners to combine the knowledge from the world of business and the university. It has been two years since Sto and the University decided to take advantage of this binomial by launching several initiatives, such as specialized technical training sessions, internship programs or exhibitions.

Sto technicians show students how to use materials for contest