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Arturo Ariño: "Biodiversity is one of the greatest sources of health we have".

The researcher of Biodiversity and Environment Institute explained the importance of safeguarding biodiversity to protect human health.

09 | 03 | 2022

"A good walk in the forest is as effective as a Prozac pill". With this sentenceArturo Ariño concluded his discussion paper , researcher del Biodiversity and Environment Institute and director scientist of the Science Museum of the University of Navarra, who stressed that biodiversity is an important health source and that the enjoyment of nature has positive consequences on the health of citizens.

Arturo Ariño gave the session "Health and biodiversity" as part of the programme of the 12th SEMTSI(Spanish Society of Tropical Medicine and International Health) congress organised by ISTUN. In the session, the professor from the University of Navarra emphasised the importance of managing natural, agricultural and urban ecosystems for people's health promote . He also gave an overview of some of the main causes of biodiversity loss - overexploitation of resources, invasive species, habitat change, pollution and climate change - as well as the consequences for humans. "It is imperative to stop biodiversity loss and habitat changes leading to extinctions and loss of wealth Genetics".

Ariño pointed out the dependence of human health on biodiversity and highlighted five factors that have an immediate connection: health, resources, therapies, ecosystem services and landscapes.

The morning's workshop - entitled "One Health-Eco Health" and moderated by Guadalupe Miró -also featured Rafael Ruiz de Castañeda from the University of Geneva who spoke on "Health at the human-animal-ecosystem interface", and Pamela Carolina Köster from high school de Salud Carlos III de Madrid to speak on "Zoonosis and wildlife conservation".

The XII SEMTSI congress will be held from 8 to 10 March at the University Museum of Navarra, and brings together experts from all over the world to reflect on the role of globalisation in the transmission of infectious diseases between humans and animals.