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"Comfort is a greater threat to progress than the difficulties themselves".

Professor Julio Cifrián was elected godfather of the I Promotion of the Degree in management Applied-Applied Management of the University of Navarra.


09 | 06 | 2022

"Comfort is a greater threat to progress than the difficulties themselves". This was stated by Julio Cifrián, sponsor of the first graduating class of the University's Degree in Applied Management, at graduation ceremony of the fourth year of the ISSA School of Applied Management.

He said he felt very "grateful" for the recognition that the students had given him and in his words he referred to the importance of continuous learning in the professional degree program and staff because, as he explained, "there are no formulas for success, the only secret is work and sacrifice". And he recalled that the process of improvement is uncomfortable, that it requires internship and training, it requires making mistakes and being vulnerable: "If you fall down 9 times, get up 10 times".

He also encouraged them to be good people and to always have a positive attitude, because "tomorrow you will not be remembered so much for your CV as for the way you are". Without commitment there is never a beginning, but without perseverance there is never an end," he said.

The graduation was also attended by the Promotion Delegate, María Victoria Pistilli, who thanked the parents, family members, teachers, classmates and staff of the University "for their support in getting us this far". And she reminded her classmates of the importance of trusting in themselves and in the training they have received: "Let's celebrate the decision we made four years ago to choose this University and to have been part of this great family that is ISSA".

During the graduation ceremony, submission was also presented to Andrea Ayestarán, who was awarded with the Extraordinary End of the Year Award award degree program for the 2020/2021 academic year.

The event was closed by the director of ISSA School of Applied Management, Victoria Rodríguez Chacón. In her message, she emphasised how well prepared they are to contribute to the economic development , "understanding it as a means and not as an end, which will improve the living conditions of the people they will influence".

He concluded his speech by thanking the parents for having trusted the University for the training of their children. He also thanked the graduates for giving them "the wonderful opportunity to witness their growth".