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Carlos Sobrini, architect from Navarre, Full Professor and professor of architecture at the schools of Seville, Madrid and Pamplona, passed away.

award National of Architecture in 1959, signed, among others, the project of the School of Architecture and the Sciences Building of the University.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
09/12/20 11:10

On Sunday, December 6, the architect from Navarre passed away in Madrid. Carlos Sobrini Marinborn in Santesteban on May 9, 1925, considered to be one of the most important Navarre's most prolific 20th century architects.

Sobrini graduated from the technical school de Arquitectura de Madrid, where he obtained the award Nacional Fin de degree program in 1952. Only seven years later he received the award National Architectureaward with more than eighty years of history that is submission to people whose work or work contributes in an extraordinary way to the enrichment of the social, technological and sustainable aspects of Spanish Architecture or urban planning.

Between 1953 and 1969 Carlos Sobrini was professor of Projects at the School of Madrid, at the School of Seville and at his own school. School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, which was founded in 1964 and to which he traveled to teach class weekly from the capital. In Seville, he also obtained the Chair in Projects in 1968. At School of Architecture of the University of Navarra - where he was a professor until his retirement at the end of the 1990s - Sobrini was President of the Final Project Tribunal degree program.

Throughout his long career, Sobrini received numerous titles -such as Commander of the Pontifical Order of Saint Gregory the Great-, prizes and distinctions in various architectural competitions, such as those for the Treasury Offices of Gerona, Las Palmas, León and La Coruña; the Barcelona Airport, the Caja de Ahorros de Álava, the Opera House in Madrid or the Customs House in the Free Port of Barcelona. His residential projects were also recognized, such as the Experimental Housing in Madrid, Legazpi, the canalization of the Manzanares or the self-sufficient residential community in San Sebastian.

In Navarra, he was commissioned for such famous works as the Hotel Baztán in Elizondo, the Entrecaminos Urbanization in Cizur Menor, and the emblematic residential buildings on Avenida de San Ignacio, on Calle Aoíz, on Avenida de leave Navarra or on Paseo Sarasate, such as the building of the former Banco Atlántico.

At the University of Navarra's own campus , Sobrini designed the School of Architecture building together with the architects Rafael Echaide and Eugenio Aguinagain 1975. project , which won them the National Brick Architecture Award award in 1980. He was also the author of the Hexagon Building Building -which houses the Schools of Science, Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing-, built in 1967.

professor of dozens of generations of architects, the current director of the School of Architecture, Miguel Ángel Alonso del Valremembers that he was "one of the best Navarrese and Spanish architects of his time, innovative and very concerned about housing issues. His demanding teaching and his elegant attitude to any unforeseen event have had a decisive influence on so many architects who have come out of the classrooms of our School, who have seen in him an example of rigorous and passionate professional, whose work has left an indelible mark in his beloved Navarra and throughout Spain.".