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seminar International: the challenge of the global supply chain management

The second and thi rd year students of theDegree in management Applied of ISSA School of Applied Management participated in the international seminar "Global Supply Chain Management". Taught by Benjamin Bierwirth, professor and director of the Master in Global Logistics at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, the training focused on four main topics: From Purchasing to the Supply Chain Perspective, International Transport, Supply Chain Risk Management and Last-Mile-Logistics.

For Professor Bierwirth, a specialist in sustainable logistics and digitization, among other issues, the sector is currently facing challenges such as strained diplomatic relations, disruptions due to wars or the need to seek renewable energies to make processes greener.

This international seminar , fruit of the close relationship between the two universities, complements the academic training received by the students of Degree in management Applied. For Antonio María Fernández, director of development of ISSA School of Applied Management, "having internationally renowned specialists such as Professor Bierwirth is core topic for students to understand the global vocation of the subjects they study and to be aware of the challenges that define the present and mark the future of a critical sector such as logistics".