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"The Degree in management Applied has given me critical analytical skills; to my head always come proposals to optimize processes."

After completing the Degree as award extraordinary of degree program, Salma Basterra joined a resort in the Maldives as Guest Relations Executive; she is currently working in Dubai for Bulgari Hotels & Resorts.

FotoCedida/SalmaBasterra with Juan Carlos Unzué at meeting Alumni Pamplona 2022

12 | 01 | 2024

Salma Basterra is award extraordinary of the class of 2019-2023 of Degree in management Applied. Right after finishing the degree program she joined as Guest Relations Executive at the Kuramathi Hotel in Rasdhoo, Maldives. After a few months in the Indian archipelago, she is currently working in Dubai for Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. She says that her programs of study and the different experiences she had during her time at the University of Navarra have allowed her to dream big and develop an international degree program .

How did you end up in the Maldives? 

During the second semester of my fourth year, I did my curricular internship at department Financiero de Garrigues. When I finished, I was offered to stay, but I understood that it was time to try a sector, the hotel industry, which had interested me during the degree program. So, once I graduated, I started an intense search. I researched all over the world and wrote to many people. I realized that anything is possible and that you can aspire to anything you set your mind to. With this mentality, I decided to accept the Maldives offer. My stay there has allowed me to learn a lot culturally. It has been a unique experience from which I take very good things. 

And now you are in Dubai...

One day I opened LinkedIn and saw an offer for work in Dubai. I was not trying to change work, and without much certainty of what I would do, I applied. A few days later I received an email for an interview and, after doing the selection process, I was the chosen candidate. I opened the doors in this city in one of the most luxurious companies in the industry. Bulgari Hotels & Resort Dubai is the most sought-after hotel in the Marriot chain; its prestige and recognition is very high. People are eager to come and work here. I took advantage of an incredible opportunity to learn from great professionals. Both the staff and the clients bring you learning every day. 

What tasks do you perform as Guest Relations Executive? 

I try to give the client the best possible stay trying to exceed their expectations. receipt Part of my work is to be at contact with them: I make a previous study, I explain the hotel and our services to them, I advise them and I follow up their stay until I close their accommodation. My main role is to be their support figure, as well as manager of the management of VIP clients. 

On the other hand, I also work in the office. I use the tools of management that I learned in the Degree in management Applied to plan the inventory and logistically manage the relationship with the client. attention to anticipate, before his arrival I analyze if he requires something in particular and attention to accommodate everything to his liking. Once the customer has left I make a feedback with the strengths and weaknesses of the stay to improve; the contributions in process optimization have helped me a lot to improve the time in the work.

How do you think studying the Degree at management Applied has helped you for your work? 

I would not have been able to access this position without the Degree at management Applied. Acquiring diverse knowledge and studying at the University of Navarra has allowed me to be where I am. Firstly, because of the values of commitment, professionalism, gratitude and courage that the university and my professors have given me. Secondly, for the training of Degree. We are a very versatile profile able to adapt to any status in which we find ourselves. 

The Degree in management Applied allows you to become familiar with the tools that companies use. It has also allowed me to have a critical capacity of analysis and assessment of how to work a business or department and in my head always come proposals for process optimization. 

How do you think the languages and international experiences of Degree have helped you develop a degree program abroad? 

Nowadays companies take it for granted that you know languages. The Degree incorporates its own language classes and, in addition, language subjects. Not only do we acquire technical knowledge of other languages, but we also learn how to function in a business environment. On the other hand, the team projects that sometimes overwhelmed us so much, now I know for sure that it is the best way to apply and internalize what we have learned. 

When we defended the last project in fourth grade we saw how much we had grown. It was a moment to thank each of the people who have passed through our lives in those years. We were convinced that we were ready to go out and "eat the world".

What other experiences did you have during the degree program?

Lots of them! I have always been a very restless person. attention to make the most of my time and to learn from all the opportunities I find along the way. In addition to having combined the degree program with the professional skiing internship , the experiences that stand out most from my time at the university are two: my internship at Garrigues, but above all my presidency of the Management LAB, a club of ISSA School of Applied Management, which allowed me to organize a meeting with former students of the University of Navarra in which Juan Carlos Unzué participated.

What would you recommend to your colleagues who are currently enrolled in Degree?

Let them dream big. Let them be convinced that when they finish Degree they have the tools they need to get started in the workforce: lots of knowledge, skills and open doors.

To take risks because you always learn something and to get out of your comfort zone. Seeing new places opens your mind and enriches you. Sometimes things may not go the way you thought they would, but I'm sure you can take the positives out of everything.