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"It is amazing to be able to draw conclusions from large volumes of dataquickly with a few lines of code".

Sebastián Correa is currently doing a scholarshipat 3P Biopharmaceuticals and is a former studentof Master's Degreein Computational Methods in Science.

12 | 05 | 2022

Sebastián Correa (Colombia, 23 years old) is graduateat Chemistry(2020) and former studentof the Master's Degreein Computational Methods in Science (2021) by the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra. During this academic yearhe is working in the areaof "Stabilities" within the departmentof Quality Control of 3P Biopharmaceuticals, thanks to a scholarshipPIE (Programa de Iniciación a la business).

"We take care of the dosing of production samples for subsequent analysis by various techniques (HPLC, mass, UV) and then the reporting of these results to ensure that they are within the limits set by customers or by national and international laws".

The chemist has been able to apply the knowledge he acquired at university to his workat business. From the degree programof ChemistryCorrea he appreciates very much the traininginternship in terms of the diversity of techniques learnt, the variety of equipment at laboratory, as well as the agility developed in the handling of the equipment and the interpretation of results.

Correa says that he became interested in programming during degree programand that he finds it amazing "to be able to draw conclusions from large volumes of dataquickly with a few lines of code".

After completing the Degreeat Chemistry, Sebastian specialised with the Master's Degreein Computational Methods in Science, and acquired, among others, analytical speed, as well as the ability to apply clustering techniques on chemical techniques. "The Master's Degreeoffers the possibility to add an element of programming while staying on the Chemistrytrack I have studied during the degree program, making it easier to interpret the results".

Sebastián Correa highlights the quality of the equipment at laboratorywhen doing an experimental workEnd of Master's Degreeas well as the proximity of academic staff."Image Processing is the part I liked the most about Master's Degree, the combination of the programming languages studied in the first semestertogether with the possibility of extracting useful information from images and videos".