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Science, within everyone's reach

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Biology, Environmental Sciences and Physics Workshop and Chemistry.
PHOTO: Manuel Castells
12/11/13 17:35 Juan Andrés Rubert

It has always been believed that the field of science is a field in which only experts have to walk, that it is something alien, complicated and difficult to understand. To bring it closer to the citizens, several entities have promoted activities of knowledge dissemination in the so-called Week of Science, Innovation and Technology 2013. The University of Navarra, together with the department of Education of the Government of Navarra, the Planetarium of Pamplona and the Public University of Navarra and various associations, organizations and companies, have supported and collaborated with this project. On the part of our University it is the School of Sciences which is hosting various activities, from Thursday, November 7, until Friday, November 15.

The knowledge of Science through experts

On the one hand, a lecture series is being held, with experts and disseminators. They are journeys through physics, Chemistry, Nobel Prizes, environmental challenges, human evolution or cells. Among the experts are Professor Diego Maza, from the department of Physics and Applied Mathematics of the University, or Professor Ramón Álvarez Puebla, from the Catalan Institution of research and programs of study Advanced. The conferences aim to present science as something close and accessible to everyone.

Live scientific experiments

But not everything is just explanations and theory. Beyond this, live scientific experiments are also being carried out. These activities, divided in the workshop 'Play the Chemistry' and the workshop 'Touch biology'are held in the hall on the 5th floor of Sciences Building. Test tubes, chemical substances and all subject of gadgets typical of scientific experiments are given quotation in the hands of the experts to make tests in the eyes of the public. Cristina Solafrom department of Chemistry and Edaphology; Enrique BaqueroD., Ph.D., Professor of Zoology; and Jesús Miguel Santamaría, The experiments will be conducted by the environmental field experts. Chemistry The experiments are carried out by the students from the biology and biology departments and Environmental Biology respectively. This 'live' also has the support and work of the science students themselves, who put their skills and knowledge to test .

It is a way to teach science in the most direct way possible, so that people can see what is being done and most important of all, how it is done.

The students of high school diplomathe protagonists

The Science Week also counts with the presence and visit of students from different schools of high school diploma from different schools in Navarra, who are getting to know the world of science first hand, touching it. The Sciences Building has been crowded with curious students of high school diploma students, getting to know the ins and outs of science in depth. There were also visits to the Museum of Natural Sciences and the CIMA (research center Applied Medicine).