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Some 800 runners at the II degree program of the Brave

Last Sunday, February 11, the second edition of the "degree program de los Valientes" took place in benefit of "Niños contra el Cáncer", foundation of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

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13/02/18 10:48 Maria Gonzalez Zabal

Despite the rainy and cold start to the day, many brave people came to sports center to pick up their race bib and run the degree program. Among the participants were President, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, who wore the bib issue 1952, the year the University was founded, and Vice President of International Office, Pilar Lostao. Alongside them were numerous students and employees of the University as well as neighbors of Navarra who ran with a common goal: to fight childhood cancer.

At 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. the races for the younger ones started, with a distance of 500 and 1,000 meters. In this degree program , a group of children with pink t-shirts that said: "Aurrera Asuarta. Adelante Valiente. Ainara". Among the participants was Ainara, an 8-year-old girl with a brain tumor, who participated with her friends from class and their families. The winner of the 500m. for men was Matías Merino and for women, Carmen Giráldez. In the 1,000 m., Ander Morentín and Niobe Arregui were proclaimed champions.

For those over 14 years old, there were two modalities, 5 and 10 km. This year the line of goal was inside the building sports center of the University, where all the runners arrived to the applause of the public. At 17 minutes after the starting gun,Miguel Ruiz crossed the line of goal , winner of the 5 km degree program . In the women's category, Amaia San Agustín won with a time of 22' 39''. The winners in the male and female categories of the 10 km completed the course in 32' 04'' and 37' 47'' respectively. The winners were Héctor Iturria and Ana Llorens.

In addition to the winners of the degree program, there were prizes for the School, the high school and the business with the most participants, which were the School of Medicine, the high school Mayor Belaguay Decathlon. Another award to highlight was that of the oldest runner, which this year went to José María Mercero, who will be 79 years old in April.

After the trophies submission there was a raffle among the participants with gifts provided by different companies that wanted to collaborate with the degree program.

For the smooth running of the degree program, volunteers from Tantaka and Asvona were available at partnership .

II degree program of the brave

500 meters Cat. Women 

1st Carmen Giráldez 02' 13".

2nd Claudia Alfonso 02' 22".          

3rd Silvia García 02' 22".


500 meters Men's Cat.

1st. Matías Merino 02' 13".

2º Álvaro Giráldez 02' 14".

3rd Juan Bringué 02' 17".


1,000 meters Cat. Women 

1st Niobe Arregui 04' 07".

2nd Laura Vicente 04' 11".

3ª Naia Picado 04' 29".


1,000 meters Cat.

1st. AnderMorentín 03' 43".

2nd Marcos Sastre 03' 43".

3rd Yago Arregui 03' 45".


5 Kilometers Cat. Women

1st Amaia San Agustín 22' 39".

2nd Laura Allo 22' 58".

3rd María Gorricho 23' 43".


5 Kilometer Men's Cat.

1st Miguel Ruiz 17' 37".

2nd Mikel Armañanzas 18' 02" 18' 02".

3rd Sergio Aldaz 18' 19".


10 Kilometers Cat. Women 

1st Ana Llorens 37' 47".

2nd Nuria Rodríguez 38' 49".

3rd Inmaculada Sainz 41' 05".


10 Kilometer Men's Cat.

1st Héctor Iturria 32' 04".

2nd Iñaki Rey 34' 56".

3rd Xabier Mandangarán 35' 58".