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The headquarters of postgraduate program of the University hosts the submission of the 'AITIM-ASA-ONESTA Wooden Architecture Awards'.

'Ombú', by Foster & Partners, best project wood architecture executed and completed in 2022

FotoCedida/Rewinnerstogether with representatives of the entities involved in the Awards (AITIM, ASA, Onesta and School of Architecture of the University of Navarra).

13 | 02 | 2023

On January 31, the submission of the 'AITIM - ASA - ONESTA Wood Architecture Awards' was held at the headquarters of postgraduate program of the University of Navarra in Madrid. The event brought together renowned personalities from the architecture, construction, forestry and wood industry sectors.

Organized by AITIM (association de research de las Industrias de la Madera), ASA (association Sostenibilidad y Arquitectura) and Onesta, whose participation is framed under the umbrella of the University's Chair Madera Onesta, the event began with a few words from Manuel Fonseca, vice president of ASA and president of the jury, who highlighted the quality of the 21 projects participating in the call.

On this occasion, the awards had two exceptional sponsors: Iñaqui Carnicero, director general of diary Urban and Architecture of the Ministry of Transport, mobility and diary Urban; and Patxi Mangado, professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra and Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts 2022. Iñaqui Carnicero highlighted the strategic role of architecture in politics and the importance of all the measures that the Ministry is taking in favor of sustainable and quality architecture. On the other hand, Patxi Mangado mentioned the importance of making a coherent architecture, alien to fashions and always looking for the employment of the materials and techniques that best fit in each case. He highlighted the excellent properties of wood, pointing out that it is a timeless material, with soul, that evolves with time and has been able to adapt to new technologies.

After the two speeches by the sponsors, the awards were presented at submission . The award for the best project in Madera 2022 went to the studio of Foster + Partners, for the project 'Ombú'. TabaRasti and Pablo Urango, senior partners and directors of the Madrid office of Foster + Partners, collected the award . Both had a few minutes to explain the main features of project, which stands out for its respect and use of the existing building, the connection between interior and exterior spaces and, of course, its high commitment to sustainability.

In addition to the main award , two runner-up prizes were awarded, one of them to the Haz Arquitectura studio(Manuel Sánchez Villanueva and Carol Beuter) for their project 'Porta Trinitat Community Center'. It highlights the search for the essential, for materials organized in a very precise order, in attractive and well-conditioned spaces. On the other hand, second prize was also awarded to project 'Library Services Gabriel García Márquez', by Suma Arquitectura studio(Elena Orte and Guillermo Sevillano), which highlights the exploration of the structural limits of the CLT and its spectacular volumetry inspired by the object "book".

This edition of the awards has presented several new features with respect to previous editions: a ceremony has been held at submission, a cash prize of €2,000 has been introduced for the winning project and, in addition, a trophy has been awarded to the first award. The piece, with a high level of design, has been created by José Luis Ramos Caballero, from the Ramos Caballero Arquitectos studio, and executed by Carpintería Moyano.

MAD ARQ 2022 Onesta Awards