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Patricia Andres, a graduate of the University, issue one of the spanish medical residency program

97.13% of the graduates of the School Medical School who took the exam obtained one of the 8550 places offered by the Ministry, and 40% were among the first 2000 places.


Patricia Andrés, a graduate of the School of Medicine of the University of Navarra, has obtained the first place in the examination for Internal Medical Resident (spanish medical residency program) called by the Ministry of Health. Two other alumni are among the first hundred: Daria Abasheva (Russia), with the issue 19, and Luis Gómez Rodríguez (Balearic Islands), in 74th place. In addition, 97.13% of the graduates of the School of Medicine presented to the exam have obtained one of the 8,550 places offered by the Ministry, and 40% are among the first 2000 places.

A native of Bilbao, Patricia Andrés is very clear about what has been the core topic of her success: "I went to the exam trying to have a good time, to enjoy myself. And every day I repeated to myself that the ultimate goal of this path was not to get a issue but to help people, which is why I studied medicine. With that in mind, I thought: 'Do it for the patients, let this serve a purpose'. And I believe that the University has given me this willingness to serve others".

Of his time in the classroom, he remarks that "intensive is seven months, but the basis for everything is the previous six years." "Studying at the University of Navarra is a gift that my parents have given me and that opens the door to many opportunities. The training is very good and that is why I have tried to absorb it fully and make the most of these years. I think that this learning has given me a very good base to make the final stitches during the preparation for the exam". In addition, he qualifies as "a pride" to have participated in the program of Alumni Scholarships of the University for students with an excellent academic transcript .

"I think my specialization program is Dermatology."

Thinking about the future from now on, Patricia has been able to devote the last few weeks to weighing up all the options: "After checking the answers, it was clear to me that I was going to get a good position, and I went through a period of catharsis," she confesses. "During the degree program I have always said that I liked the specialties I have been rotating through: Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases... but I did not see it clear at all".

So she decided to talk to some professionals who have given her different variables to consider when choosing specialization program. "And I think the one I like the most is Dermatology. Actually, I have realized that it is my specialization program, because I am very visual and it is a very transversal and very complete medical-surgical area : I have always liked the pathological Anatomy -in fact I was an internal student-, it has a lot of infectious and there is a lot of research with biological drugs, which I also find very interesting", she explains.

Even so, he assures that there is a criterion that has prevailed: "In the end, the decision to do one specialization program or the other was made thinking about how I want to be when I am 45 years old. And the answer is that I want to be happy. And that's the way I have chosen".