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53 students from the University's Alumni Scholarships programme celebrate graduation

330 students from 20 countries are benefiting this year from the financial aid, granted by donations from alumni, companies and institutions.

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graduation ceremony of the Program Alumni Scholarships PHOTO: Manuel Castells
13/03/18 17:01 Gabriela Gaibor

53 students of the Alumni Scholarships Program, who conclude this year their degree program, celebrated their graduation in a ceremony presided by the Alumni Vice President , Tomás Gómez-Acebo. A total of 330 young people from 20 countries are studying this year at programs of study thanks to this Program, aimed at students with good transcript and without sufficient economic resources to pay for a university degree degree program .

Also participating in the graduation ceremony were Asunción de la Iglesia, professor of Constitutional Law and godmother of the XIV Alumni Scholarship Promotion; Sergi Molas, director of Alumni; and Pablo Cortés, student of Philosophy and representative of the promotion.

The Alumni Vice President encouraged the students to "always maintain the spirit that has led them to renew the scholarship each year" and thanked the benefactors of the program for their generosity: "All of this would not be possible without the contribution of thousands of people and companies that collaborate to give you the opportunity to study at the University of Navarra. An opportunity that, I know, you have taken full advantage of". For his part, the Alumni director gave the graduates a "welcome aboard" and encouraged them to "keep up their enthusiasm to continue learning".

Pablo Cortés addressed his colleagues: "We must always be aware that we are here today because someone bet on us: the donors, the people who work at department scholarships and at the University in general make all this possible".

The students that make up the XIV Promotion of the Alumni Scholarships Program come from 9 countries: Colombia (4), Ecuador (2), El Salvador (1), Spain (41), Guatemala (1), Mexico (1), Nicaragua (1), Peru (1) and Venezuela (1). By Schools, they study in Architecture (4), ISSA (2), Tecnun (8), Sciences (3), Communication (9), Law (2), Economics (7), Education and Psychology (2), Nursing (3), Pharmacy (2), Philosophy and Letters (8) and Medicine (3).

The budget of the program, which has been running for15 years, is 2.4 million euros for this academic year, with an average amount of 7,505 euros per scholarship. The initiative is financed thanks to the contributions of more than 9,000 alumni, companies and institutions, including Banco Santander, through Santander Universities; Caja Rural de Navarra, IEISA Foundation, the association of Friends of the University of Navarra, Banco Pichincha, Bolar Foundation and ONCE Foundation.

35 Navarrese in the Program

There are currently 35 Navarrese who benefit from a scholarship Alumni, of which 10 have joined graduate this year. Since last September, the campaign "Está en tu mano" (It's in your hand) has been open , which calls on partnership from alumni to give scholarships to Navarrese students and has already raised donations of 180,234 euros. Contributions to the campaign can be made through the website