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The University celebrates graduation ceremony of the XIX graduating class of Alumni scholarship recipients.

424 university students are attending programs of study this year thanks to donations from 5,900 alumni and various companies and institutions.


13 | 03 | 2023

The University of Navarra celebrated the graduation of the 58 Alumni scholarship recipients who completed their studies this year programs of study. The ceremony, which took place last Friday, the 10th, was presided over by Rosalía Baena, Vice President for Students. Ignacio Ferrero, Dean of School of Economics and sponsor of the XIX promotion, and Gresly Quintero, student of School of Education and Psychology, spoke on behalf of his classmates.

In her speech, the Student Vice President underlined what, in her opinion, characterizes the Alumni Fellows: "You are aware of the mission statement of the University, you know its values, its statement of core values, you are interested in its project, its strategy and its goals, and you participate in its ideals". He also pointed out that being part of this program "carries with it a responsibility and a duty to share with future generations of students what you have experienced here."

For his part, the sponsor of the graduating class spoke of the University of Navarra's mission statement , which seeks "to form people and prepare them to be good professionals and good professionals, capable of integrating everything into a unitary project of life that is worth living". On the other hand, he reminded them that, once they graduate, they will become part of a community "that searches hand in hand for truth, goodness and beauty in the world. You will become bearers of this family bequest , and this implies responsibility".

In closing, Gresly Quintero expressed her gratitude and that of her colleagues to the University and to those who have made her participation in the program possible: "You have prepared good soil for us to work, plow and fertilize. I hope that today you will see the fruits that we have harvested".

More than 1,800 beneficiaries

A total of 424 young people are studying this year at programs of study thanks to the Alumni Scholarships program, aimed at students with good transcript who wish to study at the University of Navarra. The budget of the program is more than 2.1 million euros for this academic year 2022-23, with an average amount of 8,088 euros per scholarship.

Since its inception 19 years ago, 1,821 Alumni scholarship recipients have studied at the University of Navarra thanks to the contributions of 5,900 alumni, as well as various companies and institutions, including Campus Home, Caja Rural de Navarra, Fundación ONCE and Fundación Impactun. 

The program is part of the project +Scholarships of the University of Navarra's Strategy 2025.