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Cambridge Professor Anthony Kelly, invested in 2003 honorary doctor by the University, dies

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Professor Kelly received the doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of Navarra on January 17, 2003. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
13/06/14 16:54 Loreto Marquez

Professor Anthony Kelly, who was President for 20 years at the British University of Surrey, passed away on June 3 in Cambridge, UK. He was invested honorary doctor by the University of Navarra on January 17, 2003.

Kelly, born in 1929 in Middlesex, did his programs of study from doctorate at Trinity College, Cambridge University after graduating from Reading University with a degree in Physics. He has taught at the American universities of Illinois and Chicago as well as the British universities of Birmingham, Cambridge, Middlesex and Surrey. He was also Director of the Materials Area of the National Physical Laboratory of Great Britain and has numerous distinctions, decorations and awards in Europe, America and Asia. He was currently Professor Emeritus of the University of Cambridge (Churchill College).

Anthony Kelly, among many other distinctions, was a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, the British Academy of Sciences, which has among its members a B issue of Nobel Prize winners and renowned scientists such as Newton, Darwin, Rutherford... He founded in 1979 the Surrey Technology Park, which was one of the first world experiences of this subject of association of the business and the university research . His research has been fundamental in the development of fiber-reinforced materials, known as 'composites', which are used in a wide variety of fields. They are used in aeronautics, the aerospace industry, sports and biomedical materials, automobiles and construction.

In the laudatio of his investiture as honorary doctor , Professor Javier Gil highlighted his awards and distinctions, as well as his commitment as a Catholic: "There are "medals" of another class, more hidden but no less consistent. His support for Catholic university chaplaincies deserves special recognition, and for this he was named Knight of the Papal Order of St. Gregory in 1992".