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Mónica Zarraluqui: "I want to enter the English healthcare sector little by little".

The recent nursing graduate will travel to the UK to work in a nursing home residency program and a hospital.

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Mónica Zarraluqui,
PHOTO: University of Navarra
13/06/14 17:16 Miriam Salcedo

Mónica Zarraluqui graduated last May 24th from the II Promotion of Degree in Nursing at the University of Navarra. After finishing the degree program she has decided to try to look for work abroad. The United Kingdom is the destination for which she is preparing, but for which she must first resolve various bureaucratic formalities. In an interview he explains what they consist of, together with his project of development professional abroad and the experiences of his years of degree program.

1. What do you highlight from your years at degree program?

We were a class of 130 students of which I can highlight the good atmosphere that was created among all of us after so many years of living together, between classes, practices, etc. 

2. Have your expectations been met?

When you start a degree program, many times you don't know exactly what your expectations are going to be, but over the years you discover if what you are doing is fulfilling. In that respect I can say that I am very happy.

3. Why did you come to the University of Navarra?

It was a university that offered me a good quality of programs of study and was located in my hometown.

4. What is your professional project now that you have graduate?

In the future I would like to become a midwife, but as project I am going to travel to the UK to work there next semester. My idea is to work the first few months at a residency program for the elderly as a nurse, because, although I have a good level of English, I want to enter little by little in the English health system and understand well its system of work and scientific vocabulary. Afterwards, I would like to look for a hospital because I love the rhythm of work of the floors. 

I have not yet started to look at specific sites work because the paperwork takes a few months, so I am now "at full speed" to finish it as soon as possible and receive the issue PIN, which is the issue of collegiate there. Without this issue it would be impossible to work as a nurse, so now I have to process it. For all this I am registered with the agency Enfermeras FM that is helping me with all this paperwork. They will also help me to look for work there. There are usually more options in the southern part of the UK, but I don't know where I will go yet.

5. What anecdotes do you have from your time at the University of Navarra?

Thousands of anecdotes, the truth is that I would not know how to choose just one, although I will always remember my first internship with patients in the second year of degree program as a very special moment.