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The University, ranked 67th in the world and first in Spain in the field of Law, according to Times Higher Education

From agreement with THE's ranking by areas, it is first in Law in Teaching, Research and its impact, and in international outreach

FotoManuelCastells/Alumnos de Master's Degree de la School de Derecho, at campus of postgraduate program in Madrid.

13 | 10 | 2021

The University of Navarra is the first university in Spain in the field of Law, according to the Times Higher Education ranking by area. For the British consultancy firm, the University is the best in Spain in this field at teaching, research, the impact of its research (academic citations) and for its international approach . In addition, the University is among the top 100 universities in the world in Law, in 67th position out of 257 universities that have managed to appear in the ranking.

In addition, the University of Navarra has also achieved a ranking in the field of Business & Economics, with a position of 176-200 out of 795 universities that pass the cut-off, being the fourth in Spain (out of 39). The University stands out in this area for its international outreach (it is first in Spain in this indicator), as well as for its research and teaching (it is fourth in Spain in both). 

In the field of Social Sciences, the University of Navarra has achieved a ranking of 301-400 and is fifth in Spain (tied with five other universities), out of a total of 39 Spanish universities that have managed to enter the ranking. It is also second in this field in terms of its international approach . 

The British consultancy Times Higher Education compiles this ranking on the basis of 13 different indicators of teaching, research, international outreach and industry income. Some of them are provided by the universities and others are obtained from their own sources (such as the reputation surveys carried out by the consultancy) or from partners (such as the data of research of database Scopus). With this information, Times Higher Education, in addition to its global ranking, publishes 11 rankings by area, which are shown to the public in stages throughout the months of October and November.