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"Subsidiarity makes it possible to make decisions closer to citizens about life in society."

The researcher Joseba Fernández defended this principle in a session of the ICS Ethics and Society Forum.

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Joseba Fernández, researcher of the School of Law, gave the third session of the Ethics and Society Forum.
PHOTO: Carlota Cortés
13/11/13 17:03 Isabel Teixeira

"Subsidiarity allows decisions about life in society to be taken closer to the citizens. It is called to be an element core topic in the elaboration of an alternative speech on power". This was stated by Joseba Fernandez, researcher of the School of Law at the University of Navarra, during the third session of the Ethics and Society Forum of the Institute for Culture and Society.

As he explained, subsidiarity proposes that issues in society should be solved by the written request that is closest to being able to solve them, be it the family or cultural, economic, social, charitable associations....

"This principle contains a wisdom that fits well with the reality of man and society - he defended - because it entails a conception of man, power and government that contributes to improving relations between the State and citizens."

Subsidiarity in the European Union

The researcher regretted that there is a tendency "to assume much more power in the European Union", although the principle of subsidiarity has been present in the treaties since 1992. "Numerous authors complain bitterly that the European Court, in its purpose to create a strong union and to grab powers for the EU, forgets this principle," he said.

graduate Joseba Fernández obtained a law degree from the University of Navarra, completed a Master's Degree at the Centro de programs of study Garrigues and practiced law at department in the real estate law department of Clifford Chance's Madrid office. He later graduated from the Master of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.). thesis He is currently preparing his doctoral dissertation at department of Public Law at campus under the supervision of Professor Rafael García Pérez and Juan Carlos Hernández Peña.

The Ethics and Society Forum consists of a seriesof sessions that address issues related to the improvement of communal life and society, whether from the perspective of ethics, legal theory, political and social science, or the social sciences in general. EconomicsPhilosophy , political and social, or the social sciences in general.

The activity is open to researchers, professors and students of postgraduate program from all over the campus. The goal is threefold: it aims to be a vehicle to disseminate the work of the ICS among the entire university community, to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and to encourage ICS researchers to receive feedback from other experts on the work they are developing.