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Degree in management Applied: the bet for a transversal training

The innovative academic proposal , unique in Spain, trains highly qualified professionals in management and business organization, with mastery of languages and communication skills.


14 | 02 | 2023

It has been two years since the launch of the Degree at management Applied Managementwhich entailed a profound revision of both the Study program and the profile student's graduation from the ISSA School of Applied Management.

The balance is positive. This can be seen from the increase in issue in the number of applications for Admissions Office (+106.7%) and enrollments (+65.4%), or from the number of offers received at job listings (+42.5%) from companies in different sectors. Regarding the latter section, Antonio María Fernández, director of development of the center, emphasizes that "companies recognize, on the one hand, the transversality and real application of the contents taught during the program Degree and, on the other, the versatility of its graduates".

The new academic proposal , unique in Spain, trains highly qualified professionals in management and business organization, capable of planning and managing processes, resources and teams in different areas of companies and other organizations. They identify problems, propose solutions and implement them agreement with techniques and tools from management based on data analysis. They have business communication skills and express themselves in at least three languages, so that they can work in international and intercultural contexts.

Throughout the Degree, students are trained mainly in three areas of knowledge (management business, communication and languages and digital tools of management) through an integrated methodology that takes as reference letter the model Lean continuous improvement. In addition, during the degree program they complete two international internships in Boston and Cologne or Paris, and have the opportunity to specialize in various areas through an academic exchange .

Victoria Rodríguez, Director of ISSA School of Applied Management

Victoria Rodriguez

"Among other objectives, the Degree in management Applied was born with the aim of reducing the gap between the university training and the management capacity demanded by companies. Thanks to their transversal preparation, our graduates are integrated at different levels of the organization: coordination of processes, projects and teams, resource planning, financial and budgetary management , suppliers, logistics and supply chain, quality management systems, partnership executive in different areas or management commercial."

Gadea Santillán Pardo, 2nd year student of Degree in management Applied

Gadea Santillan

"The best thing about this Degree is the comprehensivetraining we receive. Studying management business, communication and languages, learning digital tools, management, marketing or accounting systems, and doing it through semester projects with different organizations, allows us to get closer to the day to day life of a business".