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A student from the University will be part of the project "Art Generation" promoted by the Princess of Girona Foundation.

The project seeks promote the Education emotional through music.

/Claudia Solano (to the left of the queen) together with the rest of the chosen classmates of the Generation Art program.

14 | 03 | 2024

Claudia Solano, a student of School of Nursing at the University of Navarra, has been chosen as one of the participants of project "Generation Art" promoted by the Princess of Girona Foundation. This is an initiative aimed at emerging artists who seek to promote the emotional Education of young people through music. "I never thought I would be able to participate in such a project and now I see that my dream of combining music and nursing is starting to come true," explains Solano.

Through social networks, the student from Malaga has been able to make a niche for herself as an artist, although she does not see her relationship with music as something casual: "I knew about the initiative that was organized last year at the University of Navarra Museum of the AmplificARTE Talent Tour, promoted by Miami Art House and the Princess of Girona Foundation. It was there that I met Julio Reyes Copello, producer of great artists and winner of 14 Latin Grammys, and Sandra Camos, director of educational projects of the Foundation. And it was she who wrote me on Instagram to invite me to participate in Generación Arte".

After a selection process, seventeen students between 18 and 30 years old were chosen, and they attended the presentation that took place in the proclamation of award "Arte 2024" in Salamanca last February. The event was attended by H.M. Queen Letizia, before whom the young artists performed: "It was an unforgettable experience, to be able to perform on stage in front of so many people with the same common project ", says Solano. This program also includes a training with a team of experts who will help participants to get the most out of their songs, conducting sessions of board member coaching, branding staff, social media strategy or creative writing. There will also be work on development staff , health and wellness.

Caring through music

Although Claudia is currently in her third year at degree program, she was not sure from the beginning what degree program to study: "I took my high school diploma at the technical school de Artes Escénicas de Málaga and, when I had to choose a university, I thought about studying other alternatives such as communication, Education for children or speech therapy. Finally I decided on Nursing, which was the degree program that allowed me to combine a fascinating profession dedicated to caring for people, something truly wonderful, with music". She is clear about her professional future: "I feel that, being a nursing student, I am nourishing myself with life experiences, with their stories, and this allows me to move forward and compose songs full of life, which in turn influence the well-being of patients, at final, makes me a better person".