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Science graduates: graduates with opportunities

The two main areas of work of the graduates of the School of Sciences are research and business, in the biotech, health, pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors.

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14/06/18 10:21 Laura Juampérez

According to data obtained by the area of development of the School of Sciences of the University of Navarra, 42.6% of the students who finish any of the Degrees in Biology, Biochemistry (biomedicine pathway), Chemistry and Chemistry+Biochemistry opt for the business field as their first professional opportunity, while approximately 25% opt for the research (15% start with a Master's Degree and 10%, with the doctorate).

Likewise, 14% of graduates opt for the competitive examinations for Resident Internal Biologist (biochemistry residency program). Precisely in 2018 the graduates of the School of Sciences obtained 4 positions among the top 10 in the exam biochemistry residency program. Among them, the position issue 1, achieved by the biochemist Iñaki Ortiz de Landázuri.

Lastly, 9% of them opt for international outings. Within the percentage that opt for employment opportunities in the field of business, the majority sectors are biotechnology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, Chemistry and food industry.