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94% of the University's alumni Degree are occupied.

These are data of the latest study by high school of Market Research and Strategic Marketing Ikerfel carried out for the academic center.

FotoManuelCastells/The University organizes recruitment events, such as its Virtual Fair at employment, to help students and recent graduates with their professional development .

14 | 06 | 2023

Ninety-four percent of the alumni of Degree of the University of Navarra are employed, that is, they are working (65%) or are engaged in other activities (29%) such as studying or taking competitive examinations, among others. As for those of Master's Degree, 92% have employment. These are some of the data published in the latest study carried out each year by high school of Market Research and Strategic Marketing Ikerfel for the University.

Ikerfel conducted the study between February and April of this year, with the participation of graduates who completed their programs of study in the academic years 2019-2020, 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. In total, 2,304 graduates responded to the survey (1,656 from Degree and 648 from Master's Degree).

The report reveals that 72.4% of those alumni from Degree and 73% of those from Master's Degree have taken less than six months to find employment after graduating. "These data are very positive, as this percentage increases by more than seven points compared to the previous study," stresses Alfonso Vericat, director of Career Services at the University of Navarra.

Of the 29% of Degree graduates who are engaged in other activities, 53% are completing their training with a Master's Degree, Degree or course (37% of them continue with their programs of study of Master's Degree at the University of Navarra) and 24.4% are in competitive examinations or waiting for an assignment of place (spanish medical residency program, spanish pharmacy residency program , biochemistry residency program...). "The option of Master's Degree programs as a complement to the training of Degree is consolidated, as it has gone from 40-45% of the previous programs of study to 53% in this last report", says Vericat.

Realization of quality internships and training

More than 90% of the alumni of Degree and Master's Degree rate positively the programs of study they have taken. They particularly emphasize the human and theoretical training , as do the companies (they rate the overall quality of the degree program with 7.94). "Knowing that the recipients of our students value their training positively is a very important element for us. In a way, it shows us that we are doing our work job well and that we know how to adapt to the socioeconomic reality, which has changed so much in recent years," says Vericat.

A total of 570 companies responded to the survey survey (60.8% national and 39.2% international). Of these, 55.5% corresponded to alumni from the University of Navarra.

"Students continue to see internships as an element core topic for their training: the possibility of being introduced to business as interns allows them not only to get to know a sector or a work space better, but also to discover how the theoretical and practical knowledge they receive at classroomis applied," says Vericat. According to the study, 78.4% of respondents who completed a Degree at the academic center said they had completed an internship during their degree program university studies.