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Last year, the association de Amigos de la Universidad granted 2.6 million euros for scholarships.

Around 150 people gathered in Pamplona to celebrate the XXXIV general session of delegates of this entity.

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PHOTO: Manuel Castells
14/10/14 16:03 Maria Salanova

The association of Friends of the University of Navarra obtained grants last year totaling 4.8 million euros, of which 2.6 million were invested in postgraduate program grants for researchers. The rest went to resources for the research of Institute for Culture and Society (ICS), the Institute of Tropical Health and research center Applied Medicine (CIMA). In addition, the first phase of the pedestrianization of the area of the Schools of Sciences of the campus in Pamplona was paid for with the aforementioned financial aid .

About 150 people gathered in Pamplona to celebrate the XXXIV general session of delegates of this entity. Founded in 1960, the association is made up of about 2,500 Friends. The majority -95%- are individuals from all walks of life, and the remaining 5% are companies, foundations and private institutions from all over the world.

During the workshop, the President of the University of Navarra, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, spoke about the projects of the University of Navarra and then the director general of the association of Friends, Roberto Bandrés, took stock of the year and the new objectives for the 2014/2015 academic year.José Mª Bastero, president of the association de Amigos, also spoke at workshop .

Among the projects, the aim is to continue strengthening the scholarship program, both Degree and postgraduate program, and to support the ICS. Therefore, one of the sessions was devoted to explaining the importance of research being developed at the University. Some of the day's activities were held in conjunction with the work sessions for national and international Alumni delegates.