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The employment rate of University of Navarra graduates reaches 94%.

According to the latest study by employment rate conducted by Ikerfel, the number of employed graduates has increased for the fifth consecutive year.

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One of the sessions of the Skill Training Program organized by Career Services this year had as speaker Javier Moscardó, Engineering Manager at Spotify, who spoke about management of innovation. PHOTO: Manuel Castells
14/11/19 08:15 Beatriz Diaz

94% of 2016, 2017 and 2018 graduates from the University of Navarra are currently working or expanding their training, according to the study on employment rate conducted by the high school of Market Research and Strategic Marketing, Ikerfel, has conducted.. 1,653 graduates from the last three graduating classes of the University have participated in the study.

This is the fifth consecutive year in which the number of employed graduates has increased, which in the previous edition stood at 92.5%. In addition, 86.6% of those who are working do so in jobs related to their programs of study. Likewise, the alumni highlighted that they consider it to be of "fairly good quality".

The report reveals that "graduates who are working have found their first employment relatively soon after completing the degree program. It took 59.7% less than six months to find one, and 49.3% less than three months".

A quality employment

goal According to the Ikerfel study, "they are data influenced by the high level of internships in companies and institutions", since 79.1% of those surveyed said they had done them during the university degree program , with the aim of "getting to know the labor market, applying the knowledge acquired and presenting a better candidacy in the search for employment".

Ikerfel also points out that graduates of the last three courses "have an average net monthly salary of 1,467.20 euros" (an increase of 8.5% over the figure for the previous edition, which stood at 1,352.5 euros) and "relatively quick access to the labor market".

The communities where most university graduates work are Navarra (42.3%), Madrid (19.6%) and the Basque Country (16.4%). Navarra is precisely the community where the issue of employed graduates has grown the most, since in the previous edition of the study the figure stood at 30.8%. "This data is significant, since the percentage of Navarre students is 34.1% (2018-19 academic year). This means that in addition to graduates from Navarre, many others from other parts of Spain and even abroad remain working in the region," explains Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services.

The alumni of the University of Navarra rated their current work with a grade average of 8.10 points out of 10, and positively emphasized the relationship with colleagues (9), with bosses and managers (8.5) and the subject task they perform (8.1), in addition tothe level of autonomy and responsibility. On the other hand, they gave lower ratings to grade for remuneration (6.8) and promotion opportunities (7.3).

The study reveals "an important perception of adequacy of the training received in relation to the current employment ", since 74.7% of graduates consider that "the current employment is adequate to their qualification in terms of the training received".

In terms of the means by which graduates found work, 23.1% did so through Career Services -the Careers Office of the University of Navarra-, and 45.4% of users of the Portal Career Services of the academic center said that this platform is useful for accessing internships and obtaining employment. "These data confirm the University's commitment to transferring talent to society," says Roberto Cabezas.

The employment of the future

"Career Services has its sights set on today, but also on the future. Therefore, in order to adapt to the new demands of companies and new generations, we have established two very important alliances with leading and pioneering youth employment platforms in Europe and Latin America: beWanted and Jobteaser", explains Roberto Cabezas, director of Career Services University of Navarra. With these agreements, Career Services aims to offer more and better opportunities and tools to recent graduates to find the employment that best suits their interests.

On October 24, Career Services organized the #EuropaTeEspera event in which students and alumni of the University of Navarra learned about the benefits of the partnership with Jobteaser (Photo: Manuel Castells).

To achieve this, it is also essential to improve the employability of students. "We have reinforced our training program for the search for employment and employability, the Skill Training Programin which company managers train students in different competencies that prepare them for the world of work. In addition, the personal guidance offered by our career managers and other and other training activities training activities ensure that our students are prepared to grow successfully in their professional degree program ," says Roberto Cabezas.

But accompanying students does not end when they graduate. "In the case of the alumni, we continue to accompany them on their training through the Career Experiencemeetings with company executives who, through their own experience, add value in competencies and guide graduates in their professional careers," adds Roberto Cabezas.