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Tomás Alvira, a goldsmith of the Education

A new episode of the podcast 'Fragments of History' was released. On this occasion, historian Alfredo Méndiz recounts some aspects of the life of Tomás Alvira, a Spanish educator of the 20th century, willing to help each person grow in their integrity and in the development plenary session of the Executive Council of their dimensions.

15 | 05 | 2023

The Josemaría Escrivá Center programs of study and the Opus Dei Communications Office have launched a new episode of the podcast "Fragments of History. On this occasion, the program delves into the figure of Tomás Alvira, an outstanding Spanish educator whose dedication and commitment left a deep mark on the field educational.

Historian Alfredo Méndiz describes the most outstanding features of the life of Tomás Alvira, who lived from 1906 to 1992. Alvira, besides being the father of nine children, was one of the first three supernumeraries of Opus Dei. Throughout his career, he excelled in various professional fields. He completed a doctorate in Chemical Sciences, served as researcher of the CSIC and was Full Professor at high school of Natural Sciences. His passion for Education led him to be director of high school, national advisor of Education and one of the main promoters of Fomento de Centros de teaching.

Alfredo Méndiz, author of the book Tomás Alvira, vida de un educador (1906-1992), published in 2022 by Rialp, presents in the podcast the figure of Alvira as that of a visionary educator, concerned about promoting the integral growth of each individual, encouraging the plenary session of the Executive Council development of all its dimensions. 

Listen to the full podcast here .