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Civil Society and Normativity. La teoría social de David Hume', new book by Ana Marta González.

"Hume's analysis of human nature is an inexcusable reference letter to give an answer to the question of whether civil society can regulate itself," says the author, who is a professor at Philosophy and ICS researcher.

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15/11/13 13:40 Isabel Teixeira da Mota

Professor Ana Marta González has published the book Sociedad civil y normatividad. La teoría social de David Hume (Dykinson). The volume gathers seven works published between 2008 and 2012 on the moral Philosophy of David Hume. It exposes the implications of the thought of the eighteenth-century Scottish author in modern social theory and in the understanding of the normativity of civil society.

According to the author, "beyond the discussion about the causes of the present economic crisis, many wonder whether civil society can really regulate itself". To answer this question, she considers that Hume's analysis of human nature "is an inexcusable point of reference letter ".

"To a large extent, his programs of study on morality does not pursue anything other than to show the internal normativity of a new space of social relations, specifically different from family and political relations: the space of civil society," emphasizes Ana Marta González.

In the professor's opinion, the programs of study collected in this work allow to notice the relevance of Hume's Treatise, "not only when proposing a theory of civilization, but, more fundamentally, when guaranteeing the human sense of the social development ", in particular, because "they show the specific normativity of the relationships that make up civil society".

Ana Marta González is a professor of Philosophy Moral at the University of Navarra, scientific coordinator of the Institute for Culture and Society and principal investigator of project of the ICS 'Emotional culture and identitysponsored by Zurich Insurance.