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"The employment Forum is the major point of meeting between companies and students."

Javier Ganuza, director of Tecnun's Professional Relations Service, explains the program and the new features of this course.

FotoIgnacioVillameriel/Javier Ganuza, director of Tecnun's Professional Relations Service

16 | 02 | 2022

Last year, more than 300 students conducted 1,200 interviews in two days with companies in the engineering, industrial, automotive, aeronautics, railroad, biomedical, consultancy service, banking and research

On March 3 and 4, Tecnun will hold the XXIX edition of the employment Forum. The goal, as recalled by the director of the Professional Relations Service of the School of Engineering, Javier Ganuza, is "to provide a point of meeting between companies and institutions and the more than 400 students in their final years of Engineering in search of internship opportunities, final projects degree program (Degree and Master's Degree) and first employment for their start of degree program professional. In addition, on February 22 and 23, the University of Navarra has organized the Virtual Career Forum, aimed at students and alumni from all Schools and schools. Javier Ganuza explains how the month of employment is developing in Tecnun with company visits and different preparatory sessions.

P. These days the students are having training sessions and presentations with companies. What is the goal?

February is the month of employment in Tecnun and we think it is important to organize some training sessions on how to prepare a good resume, how to face an interview at work, the use of Linkedin, as well as getting to know first hand some of the companies that will be coming. In this way they will be able to arrive more confident and prepared to both the on-site forum of the School and the virtual fair of the University. 

P. These weeks professionals from companies such as Danobat Group, Ulma, Irizar, Indaux and ISS will have the opportunity to meet with Tecnun students. 

That's right, they are the sponsors of this year's forum. They will be presenting the business and all students who would like to have a pre-interview with them will be able to do so.

P. On March 3 and 4, Tecnun is holding its XXIX edition of the employment Forum. What is the program?

The forum will be one hundred percent face-to-face. It will start at 9 am with simultaneous sessions of companies in the Ibaeta building. At 11h, and until approximately 15h, students will be able to conduct interviews and have that meeting more staff in the sports center. It will not be necessary to take quotation but the space will be managed so that there are orderly queues, distances can be respected and avoid crowds.

Q. How many companies are currently registered?

The limit, due to capacity issues, is around 80. There have been years when we have had to leave out some business for this reason... At the moment, about 70 companies have applied to participate , and we are still growing !

P. Can students who want to participate in the two forums, both in the Virtual Forum of the University and in the Tecnun forum, do so?

Of course! In fact, there are companies that participate in the Virtual Forum of the University of Navarra because they are looking for engineers exclusively. When we talked to the companies that usually come to the Tecnun Forum we gave them the option of attend in person or to participate in the virtual fair. This will start next Tuesday 22nd at 9am and will close on the 23rd at 11.59pm. During these two days you will be able to apply for to offers, attend to conferences and interact with recruiters through the chat.