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The consultancy service FBA projects were presented to companies

Last Saturday, February 4, the Fashion Business Administration Master students presented their consultancy service projects to seven brands: Tendam, Saga Furs, Marie Claire 1907, Multiópticas, MO (group Sonae), Compañía Fantástica and Polín Et Moi.

16 | 02 | 2023

What are the projects of consultancy service? As a student summarized before starting the presentation: "Many months, a lot work, new experiences, new people, a lot of nerves, a lot of desire, a lot of learning and a business to which we will give our maximum effort".

Each year, within the subject given by Professor Pedro spanish medical residency program, a selection of companies present a real challenge and the FBA students, divided into several teams, work for several months on the solution. Each of the teams has the financial aid of a tutor that supervises the professionalism and realism of the work performed.

The consultancy service projects close the circle between the academy and business and are a fantastic opportunity to put all the knowledge acquired during the master's degree on internship . "The challenges are very varied and respond to the needs of the sector and each brand," explains Teresa Sádaba, dean of ISEM. E-commerce, improving profitability and customer access, sustainability or the internationalization of a brand have been some of the challenges posed this year. For students it is not just a subject, as it is the perfect balance, the crossroads, between theory and internship. And for companies it offers the opportunity to work with young people who provide out-of-the-box solutions. "For us it is a source of pride to see how every year companies implement all or part of the proposals made by ISEM students," says Sádaba.

The presentation of the projects took place at ISEM in front of representatives of each of the companies involved; this year, Tendam, Saga Furs, Marie Claire 1907, Multiópticas, MO, Compañía Fantástica and Polín Et Moi.

Cristina Saracho and Alberto Durán, presidents of the Alumni ISEM group, formed the jury for the competition and the brands provided questions and perspectives on the proposals. 

Cristina Trujillo, part of committee of Bimba y Lola and Mayoral, as well as mentor of the winning group , has been one of the people who has helped to land some concepts to achieve proposals at the height of the companies. "What I do is help the group to offer more professional proposals to the company's briefing because, in some cases, they present very general or not very grounded ideas".

This year's winners were the group who made the project for "Compañía Fantástica" who, as award, will be able to enjoy a enrollment in the Fashion Digital Strategies program of ISEM.