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The MUN presents the 2nd edition of the SociARTE program with the participation of 21 social entities from Navarre

The initiative, which has the support of Fundación La Caixa, puts the Museum at the service of social organizations in Navarra as tool to work in different areas through art.

FotoManuelCastells/Representatives of the Navarre entities participating in the second edition of SociARTE with Jaime García del Barrio, director of MUN; Izaskun Azcona, delegate in Navarra of "LaCaixa" Foundation, and Fernando Echarri, manager of area Educational of MUN.

16 | 03 | 2023

The University Museum of Navarra has presented this Thursday the second edition of SociARTE, a project promoted with the support of "La Caixa" Foundation that seeks to listen to the social entities of Navarra to know their needs and respond to their expectations. This year 21 entities have joined the initiative, doubling the number of participants in the first edition. With this proposal, the Museum offers its resources free of charge to work in different areas through art and creativity.

Jaime García del Barrio, director of the MUN; Izaskun Azcona, delegate of "La Caixa" Foundation in Navarra; Fernando Echarri, manager of the area Educational of the MUN; and representatives of different social entities from Navarra participating in the initiative were present at the presentation . In total there are 21: association Roncal, ANAC (association Navarra de Altas Capacidades), EM Navarra (Esclerosis Múltiple de Navarra), Fundación Ilundáin, Fundación Xilema, ANFAS, ONCE, association Eunate, association Española de Education Sensible, Disnavarra (association Navarra de Dislexia), association Onabide, AFAN (association of relatives of Alzheimer patients of Navarra), ACODIFNA (association Coordinadora de Personas con Discapacidad Física de Navarra), Amedna (association de mujeres empresarias y directivas de Navarra), ASORNA (association of Deaf People of Navarra), ASDN (association of Down Syndrome of Navarra), ADANO (association of financial aid to children with cancer of Navarra), ANDI (association Nuevo Diálogo), ALCER (association for the Fight Against Kidney Diseases), ADHI (association Navarra for the treatment and study of Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity and Impulsivity) and CEAR (Spanish Commission of financial aid to the Refugee).

"The balance of SociARTE in 2022 has been very positive. All the social entities we approached wanted to join network almost immediately and it was very easy to get along with them and carry out different actions to achieve joint objectives," explains Echarri. In this second edition, they revalidate their goals: "The main goal obeys the intention of helping the entities in their social work. To this end, the Museum's artistic programming is made available to them, both in the performing arts and in its exhibitions, as well as the relevant methodology, resources and materials for artistic creativity. The intention of project is promote a 'walk together' in which the Museum can accompany each entity in its long-term social objectives deadline".


            The manager of the educational area underlines that "it is a pleasure to work with these entities and to see their daily work, which is praiseworthy. Specifically, with each one of them we initially carry out a study of needs and expectations and we study how the Museum can help to achieve them. Based on these, specific objectives and different actions to be carried out are established". To this end, meeting with art is essential. In this sense, he explains that "it always gives a very special vision that financial aid to the inner reflection of people and their participation with others, as well as motivating and helping them to give the best of themselves. For this reason, the Museum's programming financial aid to promote a different look at the different needs of each social entity. In many cases financial aid them to advance their vision with the intervention of the people they work with."

Another of the main qualities of this initiative is its ability to enhance the work at network, since the entities can get to know each other and establish synergies between them at framework of this project.


Intervention with the different social entities, most of which are constituted as NGOs and foundations that work with groups in social difficulty, functional diversity, intellectual and other diverse groups, is presented as a necessary action to move towards a more inclusive society. The Museum can thus contribute to meeting the needs of the different social entities that participate in project SociARTE.