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The MUN presents the project SociARTE, with the participation of ten social organisations from Navarre.

FotoMANUELCASTELLS/Representatives of the ten Navarrese entities participating in SociARTE with Jaime García del Barrio, director of MUN; Izaskun Azcona, delegate of Fundación La Caixa in Navarre; and Fernando Echarri, manager of area Educativa del MUN, at conference room La Caixa del MUN.

This Tuesday, the Museo Universidad de Navarra presented SociARTE, project , a project promoted with the support of the "La Caixa" Foundation that seeks to listen to social organisations in Navarre to find out their needs and respond to their expectations. The Museum thus makes its resources available to them free of charge to work in different areas through art and creativity.

Present at the presentation were Jaime García del Barrio, director of the MUN; Izaskun Azcona, delegate of "La Caixa" Foundation in Navarra; Fernando Echarri, manager of the area Educational of the MUN; and representatives of the ten Navarrese social entities participating in the initiative: association Roncal, association Navarra de Altas Capacidades (ANAC), Esclerosis Múltiple Navarra (MS Navarra), Fundación Ilundáin, Fundación Xilema, ANFAS Navarra, ONCE, association de Familias de Personas Sordas de Navarra (EUNATE), Personas Altamente Sensibles en Navarra (PAS) and association de Dislexia de Navarra (Disnavarra).

García del Barrio, who thanked "La Caixa" Foundation for its support for this and other projects such as the Master's Degree grants at programs of study for curatorship, stressed that this project is "an opportunity to join forces, see synergies and support each other". In this sense, he stressed that "museum spaces, especially nowadays, have become educational and therapeutic spaces of great influence and impact. This is very positive and we have to take advantage of it to provide the best service to society".

The project, which has a vocation for continuity and is free of charge, seeks to attend to the 160 social entities in Navarre, approximately twenty each year. The aim is to adapt the service as far as possible to the specific needs of each one of them, in order to respond to the elements worked on jointly with those responsible for each association through different listening channels. 


With the initiative, a network is beginning to take shape, in turn, in which the point of meeting of all of them will be the Museum. Echarri explained that they are exploring "all the possibilities and potential that the art world has for Education, intervention and therapy for people. This project starts a path in which there are common objectives, well-planned, structured and quality interventions that can help to achieve the objectives of the social entities".

In this sense, the manager of the MUN's Educational area has highlighted the intention of "evaluating, growing and weaving the network SOCIARTE without the Museum setting the guidelines for the subject interventions to be carried out, but rather listening to the organisations and adapting to their needs".


Among other proposals, there will be sessions on non-verbal communication, workshops on self-knowledge and development staff and courses at training. Many of these activities, always guided by professionals, will have therapeutic purposes. Two workshops designed for the association of Highly Sensitive People of Navarra have been held after the presentation . 

Intervention with the different social entities, most of which are constituted as NGOs and foundations that work with groups in social difficulty, functional diversity, intellectual and other diverse groups, is presented as a necessary action to advance towards a more inclusive society. The Museum can contribute to satisfying the needs presented by social entities through art with a proven methodology based on therapeutic principles.