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Amador García Bañón, first secretary of School of Theology, dies

D. in Law and Theology, during the first decade of the academic center, he promoted research and the teaching

Photo / Amador García Bañón in 1978.

Amador García Bañón, priest and first secretary of the School of Theologydied on Sunday, May 14 in Almeria, at the age of ninety. A native of Baza (Granada), he joined the University in 1964.

Together with Alfredo García Suárez and José María Casciaro , they formed the first board Board of Directors of the then high school Teológico (1967 to 1970). For the next three years, he was director technician of high school. 

A member of the Prelature of Opus Dei, he was ordained a priest on August 9, 1964. A few years earlier, in 1959, he defended his doctoral dissertation thesis in Law at the University of Granada on El beneficio de separación de la sucesión mortis causa. A gap in the Spanish Civil Code. At the suggestion of Don Álvaro D'ors, whom he met during a summer course at the high school Mayor La Estila (Santiago de Compostela), he completed the research of his thesis and as a result published in 1962 El beneficio de separación, in the Colección Jurídica de la Universidad de Navarra.

In 1963 he defended his doctoral thesis thesis in Theology at the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. Titled Normalidad objetiva del contrato en el ámbito del bien común, he subsequently published two monographs published by EUNSA: Concepción unitaria del contrato ( 1968) and Principios para una fundamentación del derecho contractual (1975).

Amador García Bañón was the person who suggested placing the Wayside Cross of the Way of St. James that is in the Campus (next to the high school Mayor Goimendi), which was installed on October 2, 1978 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Foundation of Opus Dei.

At the University he taught History of Contemporary Theology and Theological Methodology until December 1978, when he left the University.

Professor Josep-Ignasi Saranyana affirms that "those ten years of dedication to high school Teológico have left an indelible memory in colleagues, students and administrative staff (the staff had increased with the incorporation of Lourdes Ardanaz and María Jesús Bertolín). His sympathy, his unalterable smile, his welcoming capacity and his attentive listening will be forever in the report of those of us who have dealt with him. May he rest in peace, such a good priest and professor".

Complete obituary written by Professor Josep-Ignasi Saranyana