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The Institute for Culture and Society constitutes a new group of research called 'Links, creativity and culture'.

A new group of research will delve into the mutual influence of social ties and cultural and creative processes.

PhotoNataliaRouzaut/Photo from group of the researchers, doctoral students and collaborators of group 'Links, creativity and culture'.

16 | 09 | 2022

The Institute for Culture and Society (ICS) of the University of Navarra has created a new group of research called 'Links, Creativity and Culture', which arises from the merger of the groups of research 'Emotional culture and identity' and 'Creativity and Cultural Heritage'.

The new group will integrate the research that was already being carried out previously from a new approach : to articulate and deepen the relationship between social and cultural dynamics examined in the original projects. The goal of its research will be to illustrate and reflect on the ways in which social ties influence creative processes, and conversely: how cultural and creative processes contribute to consolidate or deteriorate social ties.

With a strong interdisciplinary character, the researchers of group will complement their diverse scientific cultures (History and History of Art, Philosophy, Linguistics, Communication and Musicology) with attention to cultural dynamics, mainly from the Hispanic world.

The Principal Investigator of group will be Julia Pavón, Ph. School of Philosophy and LettersD., who until now has served as principal investigator of group 'Creativity and Cultural Heritage'. In addition, Inés Olza will be the co-principal investigator, who has a PhD in Linguistics and has been a researcher for 'Emotional culture and identity'.