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The Alumni-University of Navarra Alumni Association in Lleida is born

The Association, whose president will be Joan de Santiago and vice-president Dorinda Aventín, plans to organize the first meeting Alumni in November.

FotoAlumni/Thevice-president and the president of the board Alumni Lleida

16 | 09 | 2022

The Alumni Association of alumni of the University of Navarra in Lleida has just been constituted. The president of the training, Joan de Santiago (COM'10), has highlighted "the enthusiasm with which the Alumni community of Lleida has welcomed the beginnings of the Association", which is marked as goal "to be a point of meeting that promotes the professional and social relationship between alumni and the University, without losing sight of the synergies with the socio-economic fabric of Lleida". The new Association will organize the first meeting of alumni in the city on November 26th. 

Around 400 students from Lleida have passed through the University since its beginnings. These graduates, also known as Alumni, will have their alma mater closer to them thanks to the new Alumni Association.These groups are a part of core topic of the University of Navarra in order to serve its graduates. They are made up of alumni volunteers who reside in the area and are in charge of coordinating and managing the activity that the University organizes in those cities.

board Alumni Lleida

After the first meeting, the board of Lleida will be composed of 8 people:

  • Chairman: Joan de Santiago (COM'10)
  • Vice President: Dorinda Aventín (DER'97)
  • administrative assistant: Ainara Sánchez (FAR-NUT'08)
  • board member : Montse Díaz (HUM'00, Pdh'09), José Antonio Morales (HIS'01), Romina Polo i Nolla (NUT'98), M. Esther Rossich Font (MED'99) and Juan Ramon Mor (DER'92, GEO'91)